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Beto Vazquez Infinity - 15 Years Alive - 2016 (Two Cds & DVD Package)

I am glad to announce good news to you ... I recently had the honor of being invited to play along the local and renowned band "Beto Vazquez Infinity". 

Beto Vazquez Infinity- 15 Years Alive - 2cd´s + Dvd
The full house outstanding show was held to celebrate the 15 creative years of  the band  since the launching of the first memorable Beto Vazquez Infintiy album on 2001, which enlisted renowned musicians such as  JÖRG MICHAEL | Stratovarius - SABINE EDELSBACHER | Edenbridge - CANDICE NIGHT | Blackmores' Night - TARJA TURUNEN | Tarja Turunen - and FABIO LIONE | Rhapsody of Fire.

This new release of  Beto Vazquez and his band revisits some of their best songs with new arrangements, the inclusion of a female choir, and several guests musicians live on stage.

The deluxe package comes along with 2 CDs and a DVD, available now in a timely offer at:

Feel free to find out more detailed information at their OFFICIAL SITE

I share with you this video from their official Youtube Channel featuring one of the songs on which I played the Irish whistle and harp. This song called "Wizard" was not included on the present DVD edition, but the live audio track is enlisted on the CD 2 of this recent release. Enjoy!

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