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Celtic Symbolism: The Pentacle

The Pentacle or Pentagram is the five-pointed star, a very ancient symbol used by many cultures in their magical rituals. As a sacred object it was a protective and positive symbol.
The pentagram is a very sacred symbol widespread since ancient times used in many areas including Egypt, India, Persia and Greece. Almost all cultures had a five-fold symbol s, which was very important to their religious and spiritual life.

Celtic Druids, saw the pentagram as a symbol of the Godhead. Celtic Pagans saw the sacred nature of five or the important nature of "five-ness" in many things. Which is reflected in much of their symbology. It's also important to note these Celtic traditions are those that provide the foundation for much of modern Paganism practiced today.

Numerous Five Appears in Celtic contexts:
In the ancient Irish tale, "Cormac's Cup of Gold" the hero "saw a royal fortress with four houses in it, and a bright well with nine ancient Hazels growing over it.
In the well, were five salmon who ate the nuts that Hazels dropped from the purple, and sat the husks floating down the five streams that flowed therefrom.
The sound of the streams was the sweetest music ... The spring was the Well of Knowledge, and the five streams the five senses-through Knowledge which is obtained.

No one will have Knowledge not a draught who drinks out of the well itself or out of the streams. Those many who are skilled in arts both drink from the well and the streams. "

There is a sheer reference to the Pentacle on the Medieval Poem "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"

If we look at the in Numerous Celtic Connections of "Fiveness" we'll also find that:
  • Ireland had five great roads, five provinces and five paths of the law.
  • The fairy folk Counter by fives,
  • Mythological figures Cloaks Wore five fold.

In the beginning of Christianity it was used as representing the five wounds of Christ, but being far apart of the Cross symbol, the church began to associate it with the devil and satanic practices.

The Celts believe that the pentacle was the sign of the Goddess of the Underground, who they call Morgan (aka Morrigan). The concept of five points permeate seems to have at least one of the Celtic lands.

This symbol is also associated with the feminine, represents the power of the Great Mother Goddess and Wicca can be seen as follows:

-The three upper points represent the three aspects of the Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone.
-The points below represent aspects of God in light and dark phase.
-The pentagram is the symbol of the Spirit and represents the aspects of Humanity.

Pentacles can also be interpreted as the five stages of Life (birth, youth, adulthood, old age, and death).

It is a widely used today in witchcraft and has nothing to do with the invocation of evil, its use is related to the four elements, the energy of spirit and connection to the Goddess.

The difference between the names “Pentangle” and “Pentacle” is because of the star is called the Wiccan Pentacle and use it within a circle, the pentagram, the star being well protected and everything within that circle.

The Circle around the star Represents the God / Goddess, it reflects and refracts all light, Bringing the gifts of Higher intelligence, universal wisdom and protection to the bearer of the pentacle.

The origins of the pentagram go back to the remote times of our history.

Down Through the Ages, it has Survived under multiple names…A few being "The Druid's Root", "The Star Witches" & "The Pentalpha."

The pentacle crafted from silver represents the energies of the Moon and psychic forces. Crafted from gold it represents the Sun's energies of power and strength.

In the work of witchcraft is placed on the altar, in a special place and always with the upper end up.


As the staff joins both mind and spirit, earthly and spiritual, should be considered a part of rituals and power is so divided:

Upper Right Point represents Air, the mind, reasoning and analysis, is related to the East, swords and dawn.
Represents the thought, intelligence, analysis reasoning.
Is the element that allows us to examine the spirit and discover where it is in our lives.

Lower Left Point represents Fire, the energy, passion and creativity, is related to the South, the rods and noon.
Represents that part of us that wants to overthrow the right, jump without thinking about our actions.
The fire is a symbol of adrenaline, testosterone, the momentum. The fire replaces the intellect.

Right Bottom Point represents the Water, emotions, love and healing, is related to the West, the sunset and the cauldron or chalice.
Represents the cycle of life: the darkness came aqueous matrix, and turn to tears of death. Water is the element of emotion. Water is the element that validates our existence as sentient beings, because it allows us to have feelings, but feelings are not reckless, wanton fire. Water is the emotion that comes with understanding and after that everything has been discovered. The water is pure love, pure joy, pure sadness, pure anger. Water is the element that soothes the fire, combining emotion with reason.

Upper Left Point represents the Earth, the union with the Mother, security and growth is related to the North, the night and the pentacle.
The earth is the element of the mother. Symbolizes security, growth, food, all the things that mother earth provides for us. The elementals of the earth are what give us the ability to explore the spirit. No land would always have our head in the clouds.

Top Center Point represents the Spirit, the Goddess, the divine forces and our connection with them, is the Light.
It represents the supremacy of spirit over the body and the power it has over our body. No representation is used down, as this has another meaning, the supremacy of the purely physical lust and spirituality above, but for us it means the insight that leads us to defeat our demons.

The functions that can be given to the staff are many, can be used to strengthen a spell or desire to enhance the energy of the objects found inside. To guard against any negative vibration and as a representation of the Goddess.

Wiccans have attempted to reconstruct a Pagan religion similar to that of the ancient Celts. They have the upright pentacle / pentagram, since it's was the symbol of Morgan, an ancient Celtic goddess.
Many wear it as jewelry and use it on their altars. The symbol is frequently traced by hand using an athame (a ritual knife) Some Wiccans interpret the five points as representing earth, air, fire, water, and spirit - the five Factors Needed to sustain life. Others recount the points to the four directions and spirit.

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