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Hereby you may find a detailed list of some links related to my Facebook Page "Love of Rhiannon", a site dedicated to the Celtic Moon Goddess, in all Her many manifestations. For those who love this beautiful Goddess and welcome Her into their lives, I invite you to join us there!.

Artwork of "Triskel Birds" by the aclaimed Asturian artist Vítor Gonzalez. All rights reserved by the author. Feel free to visit his works at: http://www.keltia-art.com/ 

Due to the new private policies from Facebook, you will need to login in order to get full access to these reviews....


Symbolism of Rhiannon on the Mabinogion

Robin Williamson : Music for the Mabinogi

Memorable Pics: Robin Williamson (1983) Music for the Mabinogi

Celtic Symbolism: "The Moon Goddess"

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