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The Luar Na Lubre Connection

Luar na Lubre is one of the excelling folk based celtic bands in Galicia. Through their official webpage www.luarnalubre.com they had the interesting idea to promote a lyric contest among their fans. They had a great response and almost 300 poems in galician, spanish or english arrived half of the world. My poem was the 1st winner and the group moulded the text with their music , which ast थे state in their website it is "frankly peculiar, which mix the american indians tribe-style with the waulking songs (laundry songs) from scotland or the seitura galician romances, those which were tuned during the wheat or rye mowing." My poem is written down in galician, and evokes remebrances of celtic pagan believes in a clan´s lifetime. It was include on the Album "Hai Un Paraiso" (There´s A Paradise) Track 03 and as a Remix Bonus in Track 12 

Uah lúa, sagra lua 
Uah branca, sagra lúa 
Uah lúa, branca lúa 
Uah sagra, branca lua 

Collerei folla do visgo 
É a noite de San Xoán
 Brada o porco nos outeiros 
Os carballos bruando están. 

Bebe moza á meia noite
 A frol da i’auga pura 
Colle da herba preñadeira 
Orballo para a fermosura 

Alumean as fogueiras 
As lembranzas do meu clan 
Deses bravos q morreron 
Por Kalaikia, seus irmáns

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (English Version)

Uh, the moon, sacred moon, 

Uh the white sacred moon, 

Uh the moon, white moon, 

Uh the sacred, white moon. 

I’ll recollect the misteltoe leaf

It is St John´s Night

Roars the wild boar in the hills

The oaks are rocking by 

Drink young maid at midnight 

The first drop of pure water 

Recollect the pregnancy herb 

Dew for your fair beauty 

The bonfires enlighten 

our clan rememberances

Of those braves who died with their brothers,

In the name of Kalaikia.

Enjoy this video of Luar Na Lubre performing "Uah Lúa" live at Santiago de Compostela (Plaza do Obradoiro) ; Galicia (Spain)!


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