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My pet "Wooly" ft. on the back deck artwork
All of those who take care of a pet, have surely experienced a unique and special bond between you and the animals you love. It has been proven that not only telepathic connections with pets coexist. But also the ownership prolongs life and promotes good health. Each animal is the bearer of his own power energy and healing properties. 

They offer to us the gifts of happiness, vitality and healing. We are not competent to choose any Spirit Guide as our private one. It is the Spirit the one who chooses you, and decides to whom he will reveal himself and share his loyalty and gifted teachings. You might now be asking for yourself: How may I discover who my Animal Guide is?... Animals are here to give us powerful messages. They have no sin, nor raise wars among each others.

Remember that it is a spiritual healing process of body and mind. We are a part of the creation, and we were all placed in the same planet, we should learn from each other. Animals appear in our lives for some reason. Bear in mind those animals that appear recurrently in your dreams, or those exceptional ones you are driven to. All those we admire or even the ones we fear most, have always been a teaching for us. We do not need to be with them in order to learn from their wisdom, and symbolic meanings.

According to Philip Carr-Gomm in his book “Druid Mysteries”, the animals that we often see in dreams or meditations or shamanic journeys are not simply symbolic representations, but are animals that exist as objective realities in the Otherworld as well as in the physical world. They may still evoke or resonate with our hidden fears or urges, but they exist independently of us – and are not just creations of our subconscious or our imagination. It is these magical animals that offer us special qualities, special ‘medicines’.

When you learn this, you will experience success. They will act as your guide or protector always, either their presence is tangible or non-physical. They always give us the opportunity to engage in dialogue with them even if we might not be close to them in real life. They are emotionally drawn by us coming to protect us, and allowing us to overcome our fears. Each animal form, bears the capability to perform their gifts according to their own distinctive qualities.

Just open your mind and stay aware of which Spirit Guides might contact you through dreams or meditation. It is not easy. It is a labour of practice and patience. Messages may be difficult to understand or even confusing. Animals have a distinct consciousness and perceive things differently from us. You are unable to force a meeting. They follow their own time, and perhaps they will not appear the first time you call them. In this case, just do not give up now. When I began to look for their assistance long ago, I was used to perform a visualization of the animal I thought could help me for his qualities. Always with patience, and asking him to appear if he considered it was the appropriate moment to do so. As the seasons passed by, I began to grow with their assistance in the ways I could get in contact with them. Presently, I have reached the level of meeting them in their own spirit world. It is a rewarding experience, similar to the shamanic trance, or the same transmigrations detailed on Celtic tales.

I trust in you, and feel convinced, that with practice you will also be able to fly like an eagle, or run like a fox. Nurture your relationship, ask him questions, learn about his feelings and wisdom. Through time, you will reach a level of connection in the same way you can communicate with your pet, learning when he is hungry, or if he wishes to go outside. Once we know them, they will always assist us in dreams, meditations, and real life. It is quite rewarding to be thankful to them for their help, and remember to bid them farewell. A cute way to honor your spirit guide is keeping or carrying a symbolic object with you. This will establish a meaningful relationship with them.

 It will let them know their aid is appreciated, for they are always present and helpful. They will become just like the "imaginary friends" of our youth. Be gentle with them, if not you will be missing their assistance. They really like work in harmony and with respect. As our relationship with them gets stronger, they will become your ‘familiars’, your totem animals, our companion animal allies, partners in our journey through this life. They pay attention to those aspects of our soul we are not familiar with. So please don't hesitate if a different animal spirit appears than the one you were expecting for. Certainly his powers might be the truthful ones you are looking for.  There is a shaman practice that states we should first, pray about it. Second, be satisfied with the result, whether we may have to contact or not. They oftenly contact us when they feel it is the perfect time to show up themselves.

On the next post I will blog in detail about
"Celtic Animal Spirit Guides"
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 The featured artworks belong to the "Celtic Spirit Guides"™ Oracle Deck, a unique divination method that lets the characters reveal themselves according to fate.
 The way you place them, will be the way the Spirit Guide shall unveil itself or not. You will find it useful for clearing up your mind regarding certain moments and events in your life. 
Regaining your balance and strength, you will certainly find yourself more reflexive upon the faults and fears that threaten us.
It is not only a divinatory oracle that should be used to predict the future, but a compendium of kennings and symbolism taken from the Ogham Tree alphabet, Druidry, and Celtic lore, in order to be used as a guide or a path to find the answer to our questions.

"Celtic Spirit Guides"™ -Unveiling Your Allies

For further information about  "Celtic Spirit Guides" ; I wrote a new Kindle eBook focused in the exciting topic of intimate contacts with Nature Sprites and Deities who always guide us through the correct options, and warn us from negative events in our lives.
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