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“Celtic Spirit Guides™" - What Makes This Oracle So Attractive? (Part Two)

As I commented on my previous post, you should be quite aware that no one may choose his Spirit Guide, but just expect to be chosen by it. What makes the "Celtic Spirit Guides™” deck attractive, is the fact that the reader doesn't work with the "cards" other than to lay them out.

The cards work with the pictures created by combining them together through the rotation of each card in its place. This divination method lets the figures reveal themselves according to fate. The way you place them, and rotate them, will be the way the Spirit Guide shall unveil itself or not. Furthermore, when I began to design the "Celtic Spirit Guides" Oracle, I considered it was necessary to assign ogham letters and kennings for each of the cards listed on it. This process was done according to the original associations of the initial letters of the Ogham alphabet, and the animals included are those present on Celtic myths and legends, but also comprised in the ogham tree alphabet.

I employed for the "Celtic Spirit Guides™" oracle deck, the "Enogam/Bird-ogam" in order to elaborate a correspondence with the list of spirit guides featured on my deck. This number of "word lists", is featured in the Irish manuscript "In Lebor Ogaim" ("The Book of Ogams"), also known as the "Ogam Tract", which is an Old Irish treatise on the ogham alphabet.

With a correct reading of the guidelines, it will be easier for the querent to apply them for his private benefit. While developing, and designing the “Celtic Spirit Guides™" Oracle, I considered it should be useful for your learning to include a special kenning for each card. This was done on a basis of the extensive amount of knowledge gathered through the years and the valuable legacy of scholars such as John Greere, Stephen Balmire, Caitlín Matthews, Douglass Monroe, J.A.Johnston, and the books they wrote upon this subject.

On the next post I will blog in detail about
"Finding  your Animal Spirit Guide"
Stay Tuned!

 The featured artworks belong to the "Celtic Spirit Guides"™ Oracle Deck, a unique divination method that lets the characters reveal themselves according to fate.
 The way you place them, will be the way the Spirit Guide shall unveil itself or not. You will find it useful for clearing up your mind regarding certain moments and events in your life. 
Regaining your balance and strength, you will certainly find yourself more reflexive upon the faults and fears that threaten us.
It is not only a divinatory oracle that should be used to predict the future, but a compendium of kennings and symbolism taken from the Ogham Tree alphabet, Druidry, and Celtic lore, in order to be used as a guide or a path to find the answer to our questions.

"Celtic Spirit Guides"™ -Unveiling Your Allies

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