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“Celtic Spirit Guides™" - Uncovering Your Allies - Oracle Deck - Regain Your Shaman Path

Sample Artwork (c) 2016
Animal worship was a common practice amongst the ancient Celts. They were considered messengers of gifts and powers from the Otherworld. They symbolize the essence of fertility and vitality.Following an animist creed, ancient Celts honored the forces of nature, revering the presence of the divine on every aspect of Mother Nature. According to their inward meaning, which may of course undergo transformations, they regarded animals as human souls or their embodiment, and also held totemistic and hunting cults.

Nowadays, we are not so different from our ancients. Though we have further material control of our lives, we can also experience insecurity in our lives, and some of us appeal to divination in order to find a tip, a hint, an omen, or a hopeful answer.

All of those who take good care of a pet, have surely experienced a unique and special bond between you and the animals you love. It has been proved that not only telepathic connections with pets coexist. In order to connect with them we must reach a receptive state. In order to speak to our guides and listen to their messages back, we must increase our vibration. This is the only way to get in tune into their frequency.

They offer to us the gifts of happiness, vitality and healing, but we should always have present, that an animal apirit guide is not and cannot be chosen by us. We are not competent to choose any Spirit Guide as our private one. It is the spirit the one who chooses you, and decides to whom he will reveal himself and share his loyalty and gifted teachings. Always be true to yourself and follow your instincts. Trust on your personal abilities. Enhance your intuition and be open to receive their message.

 The featured artworks belong to the "Celtic Spirit Guides"™ Oracle Deck, a unique divination method that lets the characters reveal themselves according to fate. The way you place them, will be the way the Spirit Guide shall unveil itself or not. You will find it useful for clearing up your mind regarding certain moments and events in your life. Regaining your balance and strength, you will certainly find yourself more reflexive upon the faults and fears that threaten us.

It is not only a divinatory oracle that should be used to predict the future, but a compendium of kennings and symbolism taken from the Ogham Tree alphabet, Druidry, and Celtic lore, in order to be used as a guide or a path to find the answer to our questions.

"Celtic Spirit Guides"™ -Unveiling Your Allies

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