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Both the "Brandub" and the "Fidchell" (wrongly considered as "Celtic Chess") are tactic games quite difficult to ascribe to a particular family, but as they feature the capture of the King-piece by enclosure, they retain the quality of chase and battle games.

Curiously both of them preserve the importance of the King-piece as in the Nordic ones ("hnefi" certainly referred to the King-piece, and several sources refer to "Hnefatafl" as "King's table").

As you may already know, there are three great families: the race games, battle games, and chase games.

  • In race games, the object is to reach the goal as fast as possible. They are usually controlled by the casting of dices, a fact that makes the game run by chance or fate. For example the Blackgammon. ( Bayless, M. on his work "Alea, Tæfl, and Related Games: Vocabulary and Context," in Latin Learning and English Lore, pp. 15–16, suggests that several archaeological finds in Scandinavia reveal "Hnefatafl" sets that included dice, and discusses controversy over whether the very name "Tawlbwrdd" suggests the throwing of dice).
  • In chase games, each single piece moves across the board to break through opposing pieces and reach the goal, sometimes the edge of the board, thus escaping the hunters. For example the German fox-and-geese.
  • In battle games, both sides have the same quantity of pieces and struggle to drive one's opponent off the board, or rather, capturing a chief piece. Chess and Draught are battle games.

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