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The “Wisdom of The Woods”™ Oracle Deck: A Sample Card Reading - Part Five- The Inner Grove

This layout is an example of a reading I have recently done. The querent had a steady doubt about her chances to end a project she had in spite of the lack of money and her family support.

As you have learned on previous posts, each cardinal point is in correspondence with a Grove and its elements and properties. 

The Seer expansion card, is laid on The Inner Grove on the Center (Air). The realm “related to our personal being and persent stage of life”.

You should notice that in the Inner Grove you will find a time for Rebirth and Renewal. A stage for a spiritual transformation. Take the chance to spread your wings and free yourself with joy and no limitations.

The Oracle reveals here quite positive possibilities for you to solve any problem or question regarding your inner soul and transformations. On this card we find related symbols of intuition, flowing spirit, witness of changes, meditation, and petitions, insight knowledge, transmuting sensations and emotions.

From the kenning of this card we learn that you will need to seek the presence of the Highness and you will receive spiritual Protection and Guidances in orde to succeed on your path of perpetual and positive changes.
This realm is assisted by the Butterfly totem. With the influence of this spirit you will be able to take notice of the transformations in your personal cycles of expansion and growth, and enable your ability to succeed through changes with the sensitive assistance of the wisdom of the Ancients.

It will be easier to move through different life cycles by means of Renewal and Rebirth processes. Transmutations from a material world into an emotional or spiritual one. The world of the soul and the psyche.

The present season and time is your favorable one.If your are devote to the Moon energies and rituals, the Quarter Moon shall be the auspicious one.

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