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The “Wisdom of The Woods”™ Oracle Deck: A Sample Card Reading - Part Three - The Emotional Grove

This layout is an example of a reading I have recently done. The querent had a steady doubt about her chances to end a project she had in spite of the lack of money and her family support.

As you have learned on previous posts, each cardinal point is in correspondence with a Grove and its elements and properties.

The Alder Tree, and the Salmon cards are laid on the The Emotional Grove on the SOUTH (Fire). The realm “related to love, family, and friendship”.

The Green Man rules here over the energy, spirit, heat, flame, blood, sap, life, growth, bonfires, candle flames, groves, and the sun.

You should notice that in the Emotional Grove you will find a time for reunion, balance, and granted success. When you are feeling down and with lack of energy, his influence is quite positive since he represents the circle of life itself. His eternal truth nurtures us throughout the long winter till the spring when he mingles with Mother Earth and shares with us his presence once again.

You should call upon the Green Man when in need to learn about the mysteries of growing, and receive the energy from trees.

The Oracle reveals here quite positive possibilities for you to solve any problem or question regarding emotional aspects and relationship. On these cards we find represented symbols of Protection, Intuition, Protection, Fertility, Chastity, Purification, Happiness.

From their kennings we learn that whenever you seek the presence of the Highness and you will receive spiritual Protection and Guidances. Each time you open new thresholds you will regain the potential for Renewals and Rebirths,the disposition for Inspiration and Foresight. It is time for reunion, balance, and granted success.

This realm is assisted by the Boar totem, with his influence you will take notice of your challenges and struggle for balance with decisive actions till fortune is on your way. He is also a symbol of protection, and spiritual strength. With his boldness we may succeed asafe on our goals and aims.

Summer is your favorable season and you may find a propitious time at noon.If your are devote to the Moon energies and rituals, the Full Moon shall be the auspicious one.

On the next post I will blog in detail
"Part Four - The Mental Grove "
Stay Tuned!

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