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The “Wisdom of The Woods”™ Oracle Deck Divination System: “The Wheel Board” (Part Three) -The North Cardinal Point-

As you have learned on my previous post, the Wheel Board symbolizes a sacred circle of life linked to the four elements and four directions, being the cairn at the center represented in this case by the fifth element: the soul.

Since Druids were used to gather and  teach on Sacred Groves, I perceived that the best match was to assign the Central and each of the Cardinal Points of the Wheel Board to what I call "Inner Groves", associated each one of them to the "Five Elements" conceived on Druidism.

It is the Irish Goddess Brigit herself, the symbol of the perpetual flame the one that transforms and interconnects the Three Realms of Water, Earth, and Fire.

For our divination purposes I decided to choose this Five Fold System, since I believe is the most suitable, for considering the “Spirit/Soul” at the Center of the Four, joining them all and creating a balanced, and unified empowerment. 

Let us learn in detail the symbolism of each direction and its meanings:


NORTH (Earth)

The Material Grove

“Related to things, objects, work, and Money”

Offering: Place a little bowl with Salt or Earth

Ruled by the Crone Goddess: It is the oldest and final aspect of the Goddess, related with endings and death, wisdom and transmigration. She is the regent of the Otherworld who reigns over the souls of the dead, and is the guide till our moment for Rebirth.

The body, growth, nature, birth, death, silence, caves, groves, burial mounds, standing stones.

You should call upon the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess when you need help to endure sudden endings and your passage in this life, how the circle of life moves on and how Nature is linked to it.

Find a moment for reflection and introspection. Instead of being alone, praise to her and celebrate your later years aware that wisdom also comes with age.

It is time to get rid of luxury and those material things we wont be able to carry to the Otherworld.

Propitious Time: Midnight

Favorable Season: Winter

Level of Being:

Auspicious Moon Phase: New

Totem Animal: The Stag

Wisdom Of the Woods - Expansion Deck - The Stag
 Expansion Deck Card (c) 2014 Eliseo Mauas Pinto

On the next post I will blog in detail  the meaning and symbolism of the East Cardinal Point. Stay tuned!

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