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The “Wisdom of The Woods”™ Oracle Deck Divination System: “The Wheel Board” (Part Two)

The Wheel Board (c) 2014 Eliseo Mauas Pinto
As you have learned on my previous post, the Wheel motif  represents the symbolic cycle of birth-death-rebirth found throughout nature, and also within our own spiritual and personal growth. Its turning reminds us that all of what had happened before, will happen once again.

  Therefore, and being quite related to Nature itself, I decided to create a circular design for our sacred play representing the never ending cycle of life. As Celtic labyrinths with no beginning and no end… a sacred circle of life linked to the four elements and four directions, being the cairn at the center represented in this case by the fifth element: the soul.

Even though with a different location, moon phases are present both on the Druidic tables and the "Wheel of the Year"; and I thought it should be suitable to include them and also feature them associated with the Triple Goddess and the Green Man.

Since the full moons in the Northern Hemisphere summers rise and set much further to the South (Southeast/Southwest) compared with those in winter, I opted for the Wheel of the Year’s locations.

For the favourable seasons, I opted not to consider solstices nor equinoxes, so each cardinal point is ruled by the full season.

Since Druids were used to gather and  teach on Sacred Groves, I perceived that the best match was to assign the Central and each of the Cardinal Points of the Wheel Board to what I call Inner Groves, associated each one of them to the Five Elements conceived on Druidism.

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For our divination purposes I decided to choose this Five Fold System, since I believe is the most suitable, for considering the “Spirit/Soul” at the Center of the Four, joining them all and creating a balanced, and unified empowerment.
Due to its symbolism I assigned also the four Celtic sacred animal totems as guardians of each direction according to their proper elements.

the hawk : related to the sky/the sun,
North/Earth :
the stag: related to the Otherworld/ to the land,
the salmon: related to the sea/the wisdom,
the boar: related to the Otherworld/the wildness.

On the next post I will blog in detail  the meaning and symbolism of the North Cardinal Point. 
Stay tuned!

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