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"Mithril Celtic Jewellery" by Ogham Jewellery

I am pleased to share with you the fine handmade creations by Ogham Jewellery designers on behalf of my Blogger friend and owner Michael Freedman based in Ayr, Scotland.
Mithril Silver Celtic Brooch A1 
Mithril Jewellery create timeless designs for Celtic jewellery lovers. They take great pride in their top quality jewellery pieces, every single accomplished item is carefully crafted and inspected meticulously before distribution.

Mithril Jewellery improves their array of pieces every single year with frequent releases of contemporary styles along with the persistent creation of their signature classic designs.

http://a248.e.akamai.net/origin-cdn.volusion.com/ukmxg.hqmse/v/vspfiles/photos/Z17-1.jpgThe father of Mithril, set up in 1988, is Russell Dougal Caldwell together with the help of the Prince’s confidence in his creations. Ever since then, he continues to be requested by private and public companies and people to make charming unique silverware pieces.

In making earrings, brooches, quaichs, cufflinks, belt buckles, kilt pins and other jewellery pieces, Russel was influenced by The Golden Age of Celtic Art and the Art Nouveau movement. He utilised the classic hand finishing techniques, and delicate handling approach.

Mithril Jewellery presently offers a broad variety of exquisite sterling silver, gold and enamel jewellery, typically combining semi-precious stones, from ancient to unique fashionable designs. Every single lavishly created piece carries the trademark stamp of the Edinburgh Assay Office identifying the quality and authenticity of the metals.

Enjoy browsing the collection of Mithril Jewellery at Ogham Jewellery Official Site , you will Love Russel's unique jewellery creations.

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