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My New Ebook: "Tangerine Illusions" is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD

I am glad to share with you my new Ebook which is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD at SMASHWORDS.

It was almost 40 years ago when I wrote this short fantasy/sci-fi story... By those days I used to listen very oftenly ambient and new age music in search of new sounds and styles."Tangerine Dream" has been my favourite band since then;and with their surreal-sounding name they fortunately still keep on creating brilliant compositions throughout all these years. It was during the listening to a couple of emblematic albums “Rubycon”, and “Ricochet”, recorded both in 1975 with the legendary Virgin Label, that these stories began to evolve in my mind, as
a result perhaps of a sheer perception of the images and energies conveyed through their music.

I think it is time to share with you this story written down in the 70’s on a portable typewritter, and transcribed today digitally retaining still their primeval spirit like an aged liquour.

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