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Divinations for the Spirit Moon (11-13-12 to 12-13-12)

This is a time for Power
There is a moon which... in some years but not every year... slips right in between the moons that traditionally host the final celebration of the old year and the first celebration of the new year.

This is one of those years.

We have come to the final phase of the Blood Moon and we are not ready to begin the first phase of the Spiral Moon.. and so this in-between time is a time of great power and opportunity.

A time of great strength of spirit.

A time we call the Spirit Moon

However you may know this moon, as the Spirit Moon, the Beaver Moon, the Oak Moon, or the Hogmanay Moon, you should know that this moon speaks to strengthened communication with the spirits, the elements, and the self in order to survive the transformation through the greatest darkness.

By the light of this moon shall we walk the spiral path in the endless journey of renewal and rebirth embarked upon by all earth spirits seeking to find their way through life.

By the light of this moon shall we signal of the end of one year and the beginning of the next.

By the light of this moon shall we let go of the past, reach for the future, and see the present moment fully within our grasp.

And, the power of the present moment is really what this moon is all about. Note how the deities holding sway over this particular moon all have an awareness of the present moment. Vesta, the Roman goddess and patroness of fire is an archetypal symbol of the eternal present. Ceres (from which we get the word Cereal), the Roman goddess and patroness of crops and the growth cycle of all grains, calls our attention to the need to preserve the harvest of the present moment in order to prepare for the barren season to come, Decima (for which the month of December was named) is the second of the three Fates and the very personification of the present moment. Cardea, who guards all doorways and portals, is known as the hinge of the door of the year and can be seen as the present moment that links the past to the future.

This attention to the present moment in the endless spiral that is the Wheel of the Year signifies a paradox of time and timelessness.

Youth in age and age in youth.

Life in death and death in life.

Light in darkness and darkness in light.

The power found in this time of transition and transformation... this time of change and creativity... the endless cycle of self-renewal... will be found at the heart of the greatest of all mysteries.

So, Sweetie, it may be best to observe this moon as the cocoon in which you will spin the best and most satisfying version of your fabulous future. A new year is turning into view and this presents a whole new opportunity to you. How is the big spirit within you guiding your journey through the spiral path? What will you choose as your first steps on this path?

While you ponder the wonderous mystery of your own personal transformation from last years same old same old... I'm gonna ask you to keep a couple of things on the leading edge of your consciousness.

The slate is utterly clean.

The page is totally blank.

The stone is entirely unmarked.

From this moment on you can create whatever reality you choose.

That's right.... whatever YOU choose.

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(All rights reserved by the author and re-posted under her kind permission)

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