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"The Celtic Moon Goddess" by Eliseo Mauas Pinto

I am proud to share with you my Ebook release regarding "The Celtic Moon Goddess".

Most of you might probably be aware of the significance of the "Mother Goddess",a term used to refer to a deity who represents "motherhood, fertility,and creation". “The Celtic Moon Goddess” is not only a brief compendium regarding the passionate and ancient believes of the Celtic People, but certainly a good source of information to be read for all those lovers of all things related to the Goddess.

Many different goddesses have represented motherhood in one way or another, and some have been associated with the birth of humanity as a whole. Others have represented the fertility of the earth, but how about the "“Moon Goddesses" then?

On this book you will certainly may find a good source of information to be read not only regarding “Arianrhod” and “Rhiannon”, the two main “Moon Goddess” for the Celts, but also further relationships concerning the symbolism and significance of all things related to the Goddess. 

Try a free sample from Amazon!

Let the Moon and Stars pour their healing light on you and keep on sparkling in our souls... Bliss and blessings to you all!

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The Celtic Moon Goddess by Eliseo Mauas Pinto 
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