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Divinations for the Singing Moon (9-16-12 to 10-15-12)

This is a time for Exhilaration

This is a time for the exhilaration that comes with rest after your labors.

At this harvest time we can see the full fruition of our summer labors with every crop brought in from the fields, with every accomplishment that reaches completion, with every proof of the growth that prepares us for what is to come. So, this is the time to rest from your labors and celebrate your accomplishments. This is the time to be fully in the present moment. This is the time to enjoy it.

Did you build a new deck, or patio, or garden? This is the time to be fully in the present moment. This is the time to enjoy it.

Did the baby take first steps, or say first words? Did the children do something that made you proud? Did the family find a reason or two to appreciate one another? This is the time to be fully in the present moment. This is the time to enjoy it.

Whether you know this as the Harvest Moon, or the Corn Moon, or the Singing Moon, or the Hazel Moon, or the Sturgeon Moon, you are able to feel the energy of this moon marching resolutely toward completion.

The balance of light and dark brought by the Autumnal Equinox (around September 21st... or so...) is found with this turn of the Wheel and the Summer King, mortally wounded by each harvest, knows that the end of his reign is near. With this knowledge he prepares to travel deep within the mysterious underworld where all things are bound before they are renewed again with the coming of spring.

The sacrifice of his vitality, as represented by the harvest of the ripe fruits of the field, will ensure the survival of the community through the coming winter. The sacrifice of his power, as represented by the battle between the Oak King and the Holly King, heralds the end of the season of growth and abundance and the rise of the season of silence and stillness. And in his final sacrifice he will offer to take your deepest fear, your bitterest burden, and your heaviest heartache with him on his journey. So... pack up your troubles and drop them in his bag... he will travel the land to visit each and every hearth, sort of like a reverse "Saint Nicholas", carrying those fears, burdens, and heartaches with him to be transformed into more beneficial energies by the mysteriously regenerative power of the underworld.

This charitable offer to help you as you clear away your regrets and clean-up physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter should be mirrored in your own offers of aid. Drop something in that charity change box, bring something useful to the nearest homeless shelter, take some non-perishable item to the local food shelf.

Stop pouting, Pookie, I didn't say you couldn't have a good time yourself... in fact, you should have the best time you can under this moon of exhilaration... just remember to take care of others whenever you are able... because this is the way of the Wheel... we are all responsible for each other... we are all responsible for every living thing... we are all responsible for the planet we call home... and this is a good time to start thinking about how we can best fulfill these responsibilities.

Feel free to view the whole exercise as enlightened self-interest. And put the accent on "enlightened".

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