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Divinations for the Harvest Moon (August 5th through September 1st)

This is a time for Gathering

This moon is frequently known as the Harvest Moon. This name is a reference to the harvest time in both our physical gardens and in our personal perspectives.

Just as the first fruits and grains of our physical gardens may be ripe enough to enjoy at this time, so too with our spiritual harvests. This first gathering of the ffullness to come is mirrored in dream work, meditation, divination, which may be viewed as a similar preparation for the harvest of the spirit which will sustain life through the inevitable barron seasons which will follow.

This moon will also host Lammas, (the Feast of Bread), a cross quarter day celebrating the first harvest on August 1st.

It is at this time that King Harvest arrives in the fields to fell the first sheaves which will be preserved to ensure the survival of the hearth, home and clan. It was traditional at this time to bake small honeyed loaves in the shapes of the god and goddess and offer them in thanks for a successful harvest. This tradition may not have changed so much over the years. Reach back into your childhood. Tell me.... who was the "Gingerbread Man"? Could he have been a surviving vestige of this ancient tradition?

Whether you know this as the Hazel moon, or the Meadow moon... the Hay moon or the Harvest moon, you will know this moon as the one in which you may begin to turn your thoughts to personal "seeds" of development in your own life. This is the time to assess the growth and development of these "seedlings" to see if they are ready for a more personal harvest

And if they are as ripe and fully developed as you wish them to be... then this is the time for a first harvest... a first taste of all the joys and blessings to come.

Sheesh! When the hot rays of the Summer Sun are baking you to a toasty tan and you can hear the snap, crackle, and pop of the ice cubes swimming in a gentle pool of beverage-of-your-choice, why oh why would ya wanna work up a spiritual sweat meditating on the impending death of the Summer? Well this is why, Wookie, because the wheel of the year turns at the same pace as it always has and always will, and we can crawl or dance to that pace, as we choose, but the wheel will sweep us along with it like it or no!

OK, I will admit that it's hard to get into the spirit of meditation on future decline when the sizzle has barely left the last of the Fourth of July sparklers and there are still cold frosty beverages left in the cooler, but think on this... You have grown a lot since we had one of these little chats. Wouldn't it be a shame to waste any part of all that growth by missing the beginning of the harvest? So, lean back in that lawn chair, and play with the warm wet circles under your glass while I tell you what the tarot has to say for each astrological sign at this turn of the wheel.

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