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About Thormahlen Harps, Hear them played !

I am flattered to share with you this awesome video about "Thormahlen Harps". Settled in Oregon, USA, they are makers of  fine and  elegant lever harps available in five models to suit the needs of the player, including the beginning student, the therapeutic musician, the Irish player, the teacher and the professional entertainer. All harps have 34-36 strings with a warm, well defined bass and a brilliant, clear treble that will encourage your playing and enhance your sound. 

Here are some details about Thormahlen Harps and you can hear Sharon Thormahlen play the same tune on the 3 models of harps that we make (The Swan, The Cygnet and The Serenade), made out of a variety of woods (8 harps in all). For more information about our harps, visit http://www.thorharp.com

Here is a list of the harps played on the video clip
1.Maple Cygnet/Spruce, Folk Gut Strings
2.Bubinga Cygnet/redwood veneered Spruce, Folk Gut Strings
3.Koa Swan, Cedar veneered Spruce, Folk Gut Strings
4.Cherry Cygnet, Cedar veneered Spruce, Nylon Strings
5.Walnut Cygnet, Cedar, Folk Gut Strings
6.Cherry Swan, Spruce, Nylon Strings
7.Serenade, Mahogany, Nylon Strings
8.Maple Swan, Spruce, Nylon Strings

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