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Divinations for the Mystery Moon (5-20-12 to 6-18-12)

This is a time for MYSTERY
This moon is the most movable of all the moons in the lunar calendar and is, for this reason, often known as the Mystery Moon. It is a reference to the wonder and mystery of every season as they express the ultimate mystery of the Wheel of the Year through the seasonal transitions from apparent decline and death to apparent life and growth.

Because the world is renewed every day... and endlessly, because each turn of the Wheel of The Year rolls on eternal, this moon should call to mind the mystery of the endless cycle of renewal so powerful it transcends all, even death.

This eternal mystery is represented in the "Cauldron of Cerridwen" from which all things spring into being, and into which all things shall return.

This eternal mystery is represented in the promise of rebirth after death found in almost every culture and from almost every belief system known to mankind.

This eternal mystery is brought to sweet, full fruition with the abundance of each Summer's bounty, and with the final harvest at the end of Autumn, and through the depth and stillness of each Winter, to the first stirring of life and renewed growth each Spring.

By whatever name you know this moon, the Mystery Moon, the Blue Moon, the Oak Moon, or the Buck Moon, it should call to mind the endless cycle of life, which is continuously renewed, reborn, and revealed with each turn of the Wheel of the Year.

So, consider this moon to be representative of the time to recognize, revere, and celebrate the miracles and mysteries that are revealed with every passing season...

Look to the heavens and marvel at the miracle of the universe.

Search deep within to touch the mystery of the human condition.

Seek awe and wonder everywhere... but... don't be too somber. 
Look through the eyes of mirth to find the magic. 
These don't have to be deep mysteries or huge miracles, you might just as easily be awed by the magic of last years' speedo still fitting over this years' hips... or the mystery of why it takes the same number of bags to haul the groceries in to the kitchen as it does to haul the garbage back out of the kitchen... or even the miracle of the areodynamic impossibility known as a bumblebee busily reminding you that there really is no such thing as impossible...allow your cosmic contemplations to range all the way from the sublime to the ridiculous, not only will it make it easier to match the mood of this moon, but it will give you lots more opportunities for laughter, which is one of the coolest miracles ever.

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