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Divinations for the Honey Moon (4-10-13 to 5-9-13)


This is a time for Love

In pagan lore the Summer Prince and the Maiden of the Moon have met, and found delight in one another. In fact, in many cultures and beliefs this is seen as the time in the Wheel of the Year when the goddess takes on the aspect of Queen of the May coupled with the god in his aspect of Summer King. Together they will reign over this peaceful season of growth and abundance.

This moon heralds the customary time for revelry and traditional love sport as represented by the May Pole where the dancers around the pole weave closer to the center of the circle and in that way they are also drawn closer to one another

In this unashamed celebration of the physical pleasures of attaining womanhood and manhood the seed of new life, (planted symbolically or in actuality), is celebrated all through the night of May 1st, known as May Day or Beltane, and the world revels in the sheer joy of being alive.

However this moon is known to you, the Hot Moon, the Strawberry Moon, or the Honey Moon, it will surely be known in some ways that call to mind the first honey dripping from wild hives, or the sweet ripeness of fruit orchards because this moon is the moon of ripening fullness.

If you offer yourself one enduring memory of this moon, allow it to be one that calls to mind the rich fullness of fruit ripening on the vines and the heady sweetness of a season in which all desires may come to fruition and all wishes may be granted.

You see... there is a belief... and a powerful one at that... which says that any thing planted under the Honey Moon will enjoy the extra energy of growth and life during this time of rich fertility.

Ancient peoples knew this, and they marked the rich fertility of the spring season with celebrations like the Roman Cerealia, a celebration dedicated to the goddess Ceres, patroness of the fruits and grains of the earth... or the Floralia, dedicated to the goddess Flora patroness of flowers and the pleasures of youth.

But, don't think the magic of the Honey Moon has been lost to the ages. Even today the spirit of growth and fertility is well recognized through modern day observations like Earth Day, when people remember their responsibility to be good stewards of the environment.

So, Sugar, it may be that you too are inclined to see what kinds of sweetness this moon holds.... if so.... come sit here beside me while we have a look at all the secrets of the honeyed heavens...

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Ruthie Redden said...

Such a fascinating post, "The honey Moon" does have a wonderful ring to it. Thank you for diggin up such interesting info.
I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for sharing your thought on what brings you peace on my blog. Your words speak volumes, thank you.
Ruthie x


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