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Lunar Calendar: The Maiden Moon (February 21st to March 22nd)

This is a time for Awakening.

This is a time for growth and energy breaking through the veil of illusion. In the calendar system we have provided as an example, this moon is most often named the Maiden Moon. This name is an indication and an homage to the many maidens of springtime honored in this season, from Persephone, to Aphrodite, to Eostara, (from which the name Easter is derived), this moon hails them all.

In many other belief systems there are already time-honored traditions for the establishment of a calendar. We have encluded a few examples here for you to consider.

In the Celtic Tree Calendar the name of this moon is Fearn (Alder) which runs from March 18th to April 14th.

The Runic Calendar of Nordic traditions, (which is governed by half months rather than full months), divides this moon of the year by Beorc (Birch Tree) from March 14th through March 29th, and Ehwaz (Horse) from February 20th through March 19th.

The Goddess Calendar names this moon of the year after Moura and runs from March 20th through April 17th.

This is a time when the energy of life breaks the long winter veil of illusion. During this moonphase light balances against (and finally overcomes) darkness at the Vernal Equinox. Fire withstands ice and the thaw bears testimony to the power of the returned sun. This is a time to revel in new beginnings, growth, exploration, and prosperity.

From a historical perspective this month holds the key to rebirth, fertility, and deliverance from the long barren death of winter. These themes of birth and deliverance have long been echoed in traditional spiritual celebrations such as Easter, Purim, and Alban Eilir.

You may know this as the Lenting Moon, the Maiden Moon, the Sap Moon, or the Alder Moon. Whatever your name for this moon, you will certainly be able to feel the promise of the warming sun and lengthening days it holds.

Just as the caterpillar will reveal a beautiful new form upon emerging from the cocoon, this is a time best suited to breaking out of the winter chrysalis of contemplation to reveal the insights gathered over the long winter of contemplation in the new season of sunlight.

So, with all that information to guide you, you may view this moon as a natural opportunity to gather your resources in preparation for the season of growth and activity soon to come.

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