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Divinations for the Silent Moon (12-24-11 to 1-23-12)

This is a time for Stillness

This is the deep silence of Winter earth still in slumber after the Solstice celebration, but just beginning to feel the re-birth of energy, and the return of ever lengthening daylight.

You can see it in the slow drip of the icicles clinging to the bare branched forest.

You can hear it in the rustle of woodland creatures lumbering back to the first signs of activity after the deep sleep of Winter.

You can feel it in the morning kiss of sunrise and the lingering caress of sunset.

Magic is awake... and soon will rise.

You are rising too, and so this is a time to cleanse past actions and regrets so that you can shift your attention to future growth. In history this has been seen as a most appropriate time for settling (or forgiving) past debts, to reconcile past differences, and to put aside old disputes.

The Roman festival of the goddess Concordia is known as the Charista and is generally accepted to be held in the final week of February. The Charista... (can you see the beginnings of the word "charity" here?)... is a time for the living to make peace and reconcile differences among one another. This particular festival generally culminates in a feast with family and friends at which all disagreements are put to rest.

The quality of this moons' energy is therefore one of purification and new growth made possible by "wiping the slate clean" of any bad or negative influences left from the past.

Much as the awakening sleeper may silently reflect upon all that may unfold with the coming of the dawn before actually stretching and moving to begin the day, so does this moon invite you to reflect upon all that you intend to accomplish in the coming year. And, in this reflection, you may free yourself of past worries and doubts.

You may cleanse and purify yourself from old fears and uncertainties.

You may "wipe the slate clean" of the past in order to begin anew.

Whether you know this as the Wolf Moon, the Silent Moon, the Disting Moon, the Cold Moon, or the Snow Moon, you can best use the slow-to-awaken energy of this time to work on the kind of personal, private matters that need to be put to rest before you can concentrate your fullest efforts into forward momentum. You wouldn't set sail without lifting anchor now would you? Of course not, so... you know... don't launch your future while things from your past still act to drag you down.

  The Wheel of the Year continually turns and with each revolution all is renewed and opportunities abound fresh with the fullness of everything the universe has to offer. I just want you to be in the best possible position for your grab at the golden ring.

So... While you clear out whatever bilge is left in the holds of the good ship "Future Happiness", I'm gonna scan the skies for horary hints that will help us chart the very best course for this moonphase... ok? 
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