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Divinations for the Spiral Moon (11-25-11 to 12-23-11)

This is time for regeneration.
This Moon brings an opportunity to appreciate the power of regeneration as the old season is shed and we begin the slow change, contemplation and preparation for the return of a new season of growth.

This Moon will host the Winter Equinox, celebrated as Yule.

In pagan traditions Yule represents the birth and return of the light of the world. This is evidenced as the longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice, passes, ushering in a gradual increase in daylight hours.

Literally... Light withstands Darkness, and in so doing, puts to rest our primeval fears of eternal unbroken darkness with the promise of a return to the longer daylight hours that are so very necessary to the cycle of life and growth.

Whether you know this as The Wolf Moon, The Cold Moon, The Snow Moon, The Elder Moon, The Spiral Moon, or The Hunting Moon, you will see this moon as a transition of rulership from the Cailleach (The Veiled Woman) an aspect of the old goddess to, ultimately, become the Spring Maiden in the aspect of Persephone or Kore, or any of the other goddesses of Spring.

To be sure, this is not a swift transition. The deep slumber of Winter is still very much upon the land and the sleeping Winter Crone will not complete her regenerative trasformation to wake as the fertile Spring Maiden until the time of the Vernal Equinox, but.... the return of the light is the first step in the successful completion of this transformation.

Gradual or not, the world over this transformation is good cause for celebration.

Winter's Crone governs the time of letting go manifested by the seed falling from the mother plant. And as the seed falls... the transition to the birth of many solar saviors from dying gods celebrated at the end of December is completed.

These saviors include Osiris, Adonis, Helios, Mithras, Jesus, Balder, Frey, and Baal and this birth confers upon these deities similar titles such as "The Light of the World", "The Sun of Righteousness", and "The Undefeated Sun".

The festival of Christmas is but one wonderful example of the amalgam of many religious traditions both ancient and modern and reflects the influences of Pagan, Christian, Mithriac, Jewish, and Zoroastrian beliefs.

The general consensus is pretty much that all the work of buttoning things down for winter is done and that makes this "Miller Time"... well... cosmically speaking I guess it would be more like "Mead Time"... but... you get the Idea, doncha?

So here's what I want you to do... deck the halls, hang the holly, and fire up the phonograph.

This should pretty much set the stage for a spirited celebration of all things Solstice

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