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Celtic Symbolism: "Casting a Ring Of Protection"

It is interesting to refer some theories that conceive the term "Caim" as a Gaelic rendering of the biblical male character Cain. In at least one translation this is rendered "from the evil one", while others have "of the evil one."Other authors consider Caim a 'Prince' of Hell and depict him as a man wearing rich and elegant clothes, and the head and wings of a blackbird.

We should quote also that in the predominantly Welsh-speaking regions of Wales (Gwynedd, Dyfed and Ynys Mon), Cain, Caio, Caim and Cail are commonplace first names for males. These names are derivatives of an ancient Welsh name "Cai" which is recorded in the book of Welsh folklore called the Mabinogion.

In contrast in pre-Christian Celtic culture of Wales, Scotland and Ireland embodied in the Mabinogion, “Caim” was considered a protective spirit.

Unluckily the introduction of Christianity in these regions gave rise to the abandonment or demonisation of traditional Celtic and Druid spirits or their incorporation into early Celtic Christian worship.

In the case of Caim, in Scotland “Caim” the Celtic protective spirit became “Caim” a prayer of protection,

In Wales, Caim became and continues to be to this day a commonplace first name for males which means amddiffynydd (Welsh: "protector")

Casting a "Ring Of Protection" or "Caim"

It is a technique certainly pre-Christian used to draw an invisible circle around yourself with your right index finger by extending your arm towards the ground and turning clockwise with the sun. In other words, wherever we walk, God is with us, a reminder of God's presence and protection, a symbol of the encircling love of God.

This "Circling Prayers" maybe choosed for a situation or a person you wish to pray for, circling them physically or in mind. Hereby some examples:

Circle me Lord

Circle me Lord
keep peace within, keep harm without

Circle Me Lord
Keep love within, keep hatred without

Circle me Lord
Keep hope within, keep doubt without

Circle me Lord
Keep peace within, keep evil out

Circle me Lord
Keep protection near, and danger afar

Circle me Lord
Keep light near, and darkness afar

Circle me Lord,
Keep joy within, keep fear out

Circle me Lord,
Keep light within, keep darkness out.
May you stand in the circle with us,
today and always.

The Mighty Three

The Mighty Three
My protection be
Encircling me
You are around
My life, my home
Encircling me
O Sacred Three
The Mighty Three

May You be

May You be a bright flame before me
May You be a guiding star above me,
May You be a smooth path below me,
And a loving Guide behind me,
Today, tonight, and forever.

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