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Suggested Albums: Nolwenn Leroy - "Brettone" -2010-

Nolwenn Le Magueresse (aka: Nolwenn Leroy) released "Bretonne"her fourth studio album, on December 6, 2010. Most of the songs are associated with Britain, the birthplace of the singer, four of them sung in Breton. John Kelly collaborated with the musical arrangements. The album topped the French charts for 7 weeks.

"Brittany Finistère ... ... I see myself as a small fragment of rock, a small stone attached to its wild coastline, separated by contrary winds and violence, a piece of granite that has resisted and maintained at the bottom
of memory, rock songs, songs of the sea "

Born and on September 28, 1982 in the Breton village of Saint Renan, spent many years torn between the music and a career in law. After winning the second series of the "Star Academy"reality show, chose the former, thus making a place for herself as one of the leading young French "chanteuse" of her generation.

With this new album "Bretonne" , she invites us to rediscover the most songs of his native Brittany. A home that was preparing for several years. It brings together songs included in the collective memory of sounds mixing pop and traditional instruments. A very personal album, beyond modern styles and timelessness.

Recorded in London with producer Jon Kelly (who had worked with Kate Bush and Tori Amos), chose a selection of classic Breton as "jument of Michae" by Tri Yann and "Martolod Tri" was made popular by Alan Stivell. But it has also chosen some of the more recent titles like "Le Lann-Bihoué Bagad" Alain Souchon and "Brest" by Miossec (who also wrote the album just for her original song, "Je ne serai jamais ta Parisienne") - . Nolwen sings in French, Breton and Gaelic on this album, accompanied on Violin - John McCluster in Accordion - Eddie Hession, Guitar, Bouzouki - John Parricelli, and the acclaimed Mike McGoldrick on flute and Irish bagpipes - English,Scottish and Irish musicians, give thus through soul songs of yesterday and today, this land so beloved, which is Celtic Brittany.

With 200,000 copies sold. Recognition encouraged her to prepare a tour for spring 2011.


Ecouter "Tri martolod" (Nolwenn Leroy)
Ecouter "La jument de michao" (Nolwenn Leroy)
Ecouter "Suite sudarmoricaine" (Nolwenn Leroy)
Ecouter "Greensleeves" (Nolwenn Leroy)
Ecouter "Brest" (Nolwenn Leroy)
Ecouter "Bro gozh va zadoù" (Nolwenn Leroy)
Ecouter "Mna na h-eireann" (Nolwenn Leroy)
Ecouter "Ma bretagne quand elle pleut" (Nolwenn Leroy)
Ecouter "Je ne serai jamais ta parisienne" (Nolwenn Leroy)
Ecouter "Karantez vro" (Nolwenn Leroy)
Ecouter "Le bagad de lann-bihoué" (Nolwenn Leroy)
Ecouter "Dans les prisons de nantes" (Nolwenn Leroy)
Ecouter "Rentrer en bretagne" (Nolwenn Leroy)


2003 Nolwenn
2005 Histoires Naturelles
2009 Le Moi et Cheshire Cat
2010 Bretonne

Official Site: http://www.nolwenn.org/

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