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Elena Dudina: A glimpse of the Other World

When Sonia Gomes a close friend of mine who lives in Portugal sent me a piece by Elena Dudina, I said to myself ... I want to know this artist!

And I instantly plunged into her Official Site on Deviantart

The work of this Russian born artist now living in Spain is of a high artistic level, creating only with Photoshop and I would say with a great perception of the Other World.

Her style may somehow be placed somewhere between fantasy, emotional, and dark, she is able to bring the best of illumination, colours and ideas to produce magic on Photo Manipulation.

Individualistic and perfectionist, passionate about photomanipulation and books, fan of the work of Dali and Hieronymus Bosch, Elena is a tenacious artist yet very accessible, thanks to her collaboration I can bring to you some facts of her artistic career in her own words.

"Since childhood I have drawn, had that facility. When I was 16 I started my studies in Fine Arts. I married and went live in Siberia. The invitation of a cousin of mine encouraged me to move to Spain and some luck. And I found. I live here for 9 years. I am married to a Spanish , and I'm not planning to move from here."

"I had been always drawing, although the last few years I had spent more time on the sculpture until, about 3 years ago, when I discovered the photo manipulation and did not replace it for anything."

"It often happens that my work comes from a photo of a model that I "trap" ... I feel the need to do something with it... To bring it to life."

"I began to work at first with Photoshop Elements and devouring tutorials and working long hours. Trial and error. Then my CS3, my first course, second and third (200 hours). So far ... for now."

Regarding her techniques she comments: "Basically is photo manipulation. Combination of photos from various sources, which we call stocks, to get something new. Every time I draw and paint over those very pictures. We could say that, from small fragments of reality, combining, manipulating them to create another new reality."

About how would she would tag her work, she doesn't like to call it just "art": "Art" seems too big a word to define what I do. I think they are "simple" photomanipulations. It is true that more and more painted, illustrated, but photomanipulations. I intend them not to be just merely "cut and paste" of stock photos. I intend to bring them to life, telling a story ..."

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Cool links

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mxtodis123 said...

Such lovely works of art. Thanks for sharing these. I've watched the video twice already. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend.

Eliseo Mauas Pinto said...

Thank you Mary for being my constant visitor...you've always been so cool and perceptive... it's a pleasure for me to keep you on my follower's list...
best wishes and white blessings ♥


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