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Faerie Lore : The "Glen Rock Fae" Movie by Kevin Spahr

Hi to all!... I was recently contacted by Kevin Spahr from SPAHR PRODUCTIONS and Spahr Studios who is currently finishing a documentary about the Spoutwood Fairie Festival.

A serious documentary about fairies, lots of fairies, and a magical place called Spoutwood.
He has designed a cute site for the forthcoming movie at http://glenrockfae.com

"Magic is when fantasy becomes reality, and this happens each year for three days in May on a small farm in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania. "Glen Rock Fae" is the story of The Spoutwood Fairie Festival, which is the largest and longest running May Day fairy festival in the world. This unique event is a joyful celebration of spring, the earth, and life in general. The festival founders, Rob & Lucy Wood, have taken their philosophy of honoring nature through respect for all things and like a seed, have planted it with love on their farm. Through a dedicated group of volunteers, this seed sprouts and blooms into an amazing flower every spring. Although its roots are in fantasy and mythology we discover that the festival affects people in real and unexpected ways." Written and directed by Kevin Spahr - Stars :Eliza Graney, Lucy Wood and Dennis Sullivan

Hereby some further comments from Kevin Spahr on the film :

"Many people love fairies, fantasy, and mythology. Events are sprouting up everywhere to cater to this interest. This documentary looks at the festival, its history, and a few of the characters that are staples of this festival. The documentary also examines the purpose of fantasy, legends, and mythology in society."

"I began this project in the spring of 2009. After 2000 hours of work, the film is finished and when the artwork is complete the next step will be sending the DVD out for duplication. The documentary was shot in full High Definition and has been described as "hypnotic"."

Please feel free to contact him if you would like more information on this soon to be released movie at GLENROCKFAE.COM
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