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Druidry: Aims, Statements of Faith and Purpose

Druidry encourages us to love widely and deeply. It fosters:
  • Love of the Land, the Earth, the Wild ~ reverence for Nature.
  • Love of Peace ~ Druids were traditionally peace-makers, and still are: each ceremony begins with Peace to the Quarters, there is a Druid's Peace Prayer, and Druids plant Peace Groves.
  • Love of Beauty ~ The Druid path cultivates the Bard, the Artist Within, and fosters creativity.
  • Love of Justice ~ Druids were judges and law-makers. Traditionally Druids are interested in restorative, not punitive, justice.
  • Love of Story and Myth ~ Druidry recognises and uses the power of mythology and stories.
  • Love of History and Reverence for the Ancestors ~ Druidry recognizes the forming power of the Past.
  • Love of Trees ~ Druids today plant trees and Sacred Groves, and study treelore.
  • Love of Stones ~ Druids today build stone circles, collect stones and work with crystals.
  • Love of Truth ~ Druid Philosophy is a quest for Wisdom.
  • Love of Animals ~ Druidry sees animals as sacred, and teaches sacred animal lore.
  • Love of the Body ~ Druidry sees the body and sexuality as sacred.
  • Love of the Sun, Moon, Stars, and Sky ~ Druid Starlore, embodied in the old stories and in the stone circles, teaches a love for the Universe.
  • Love of Each Other ~ Druidry fosters the magic of relationships, of community.
  • Love of Life ~ Druidry encourages celebration and full commitment to life ~ it is not a spirituality that wants us to escape from life.
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