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Celtic Tree Oracle : Willow - Regent Tree - (4/15 thru 5/12)

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Today starts the month of the Willow tree on the Celtic calendar. It goes from April 15 - May 12. This is a great time for magic concerning the moon, romance, fertility and intuition. The Willow tree, known by the Celts as Saille, is associated with the moon, and since they grow in swampy marshy areas, they are also associated with the earthly feminine, and the feminine cycles. The Willow can also bring dreams and night visions. The Willow Tree was sacred to the triple Godess in Celtic Myth, and associated with the Cailleac, a crone figure. The crone represents the spirit of wisdom, and the Willow was seen as a tree of wisdom in the Celtic world. The Druids cultivated parts of the Willow for usage in herbal medicines. This has always been known as a tree of enchantment. To honor the Willow tree, and receive some of its sacred wisdom, celebrate Beltane on May 1. The ancient fire festival of fertility.

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