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Book Review: Walking an Ancient Path

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I recently finished reading the book, Walking an Ancient Path by Karen Tate and I found it very interesting and eye opening. The first part of this book talks about the authors travels to sacred Goddess destinations around the world. There are many more than you might think and some are in places you probably wouldn't even think to look. She starts on her journey to Egypt and then eventually makes it to Ireland, Crete, Turkey, Rome and Jordan among others. Each time she visits one of these sacred locations, she performs a ritual honoring the Goddess of that particular place. She really soaked in every sacred Goddess location fully. Such a life changing experience it must have been!

In the rest of the book, she basically gives a little background on the Goddess and herself. She explains how she became ordained as a priestess in Ireland. She also goes into detail about various rituals to the Goddess that she performed in California, her home town. She studied the way the ancient rituals were actually performed, and then implemented those ideas into a modern form of each ritual. She gives information on a few "temples" in the western part of the US, including, Nevada, California and Delaware. She is so incredibly involved in the Goddess community and such a Goddess advocate, that anyone starting out on the Goddess path should read one of her books. She has another book titled Sacred Places of the Goddess 108 Destinations

Check out her website here: Karen Tate

This book is a must read and I would recommend it to anyone interested in Goddess worship around the world.

Blessings )O(
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