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Il'Eã : A Singer From Other Place

"Il'Eã" is French singer and songwriter lover of folc and Celtic music. She has an expressive an crystalline voice, almost a perfect blend reminiscent of Sinead O'Connor and Dolores O'Riordan.
Takes her inspiration from artists like Bob Dylan, Sinead O'Connor, Alan Stivell, the Chieftains, Lunasa, Altan ... mixed with her own poetry and imagination.

According to her says, "... my musical influences are Irish and Breton referred to as the vocal melody and lyrics. My universe is very personal, very poetic. For my next studio work the musical universe remains the same while more modern, but with more Celtic arrangements. "

On the significance of her stage name explains, "Il'Eã means" Island of Another Place "... is my world, my imagination, my uncharted places. " Her strength is a reflect of her striking personality, her own world, and especially her amazing voice.

In response to her lyrics,we can recognize a true songwriter. Her first EP with 7 songs, "Les Contre sauvages" ( "The Wild Countries") was released in 2007 and launched on a series of concerts throughout France.

Il'Eã's shows are acoustic with a trio line-up: Il'Eã (vocals), Pam (guitar and bass) and Fanny Bisselbach (violin and harp) .

Il'Eã is presently working on what she calls her "first" real album with 21 songs, and will be launched in June 2010. Part of this recording will be in Britain on April with the participation of Breton and Irish guest musicians. A concert after another, one song after another, Il'Eã is slowly printing he mark in the world of music.

For those who want to get acquainted of her music and works please feel free to visit her web sites :

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