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Celtic Tree Oracle: Rowan - Regent Tree (1/21 thru 2/17)

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Like all cultures around the world since the beginning of time, the Celts had a calendar of their year. It was a lunar calendar with 13 months with each month representing a sacred tree. Each tree for each month corresponds to a letter of the ancient Celtic alphabet.

The current cycle we are in starts today with the Rowan tree (also known as mountain ash). The Rowan tree was believed to be a magical tree which grew red berries that were said to be food for the Gods. It is associated with Brighid , a Celtic fire Goddess of hearth and home. Known by the Celts as Luis, the Rowan tree is associated with healing, personal power, divination and success. A spell carved into a bit of a Rowan twig will protect the wearer from harm. The Norse culture was known to have used Rowan branches as rune staves of protection. In some countries, Rowan is planted in graveyards to prevent the dead from lingering around too long.

To celebrate the Rowan in its sacred month, pray to the Goddess Brighid on her sabbat Imbolc on Feb 1.

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