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Official Press - "An Kesunyans Keltek Scoren Kernewek" is the Kernow (Cornwall) Branch of the wider Celtic League.
Website at:

The Kernow Branch is well supported and has a large membership base with members not only in the Duchy but elsewhere as far afield as the USA and India all of whom share some connection with the Motherland. People are from all backgrounds, politicians, academics, students, unemployed, farming and so on.

The Branch has a fair share of those who speak fluent Cornish but also encourages its membership to learn the language at the many classes now available. It meets monthly and distributes the Celtic League’s very own ‘Carn’ Magazine as well as Branch newsletters and updates. Cornish members regularly write for ‘Carn’ and a wide variety of other publications.

The Branch has campaigned for a thorough investigation into the tragic loss of the Breton fishing vessel the ‘Bugaled Breizh’ off the Cornish coast with the loss of all those on board and also has been instrumental in the campaign to have Irish Prisoner of War, Noel Macguire repatriated to Ireland which was recently achieved.

The Branch works hard in practical support of Mebyon Kernow – The Party for Cornwall - Website at: http://www.mebyonkernow.org/ and is involved with a wide variety of other campaigns as part of the wider Cornish movement.

The Branch is very outward looking as befits a Cornish Atlantic fringe organisation and members regularly travel in support of events in the other Celtic Nations.

New members from wherever are keenly welcomed and their Email address is: kernow@celticleague.net although contact may also be made via the Celtic League’s home website. A ‘Facebook’ Site and ‘Twitter’ are also maintained by the Branch.

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