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Celtic Poems : "A Winter Poem"

Alone we were spending the night,
My thoughts of you, yours of mine.
My harp, my white steed , and I.

Fireglow flickered in the steed's eye,
like rows of mices reeling unendlessly,
For the steed is young, I can feel it.

Embers summoned tunes from the chords,
recalling lost summers amused with dances.
For the harp desires music, I can glance it.

Your spirit grasps me with your being,
I layed in the heather and sat aside.
Spinning outside, the bad weather.

The lights of the fireside dwindled,
the harp hushed, the ice chilled the panes.
Cold wind renews the frosty steady rains.

We stood alone, sharing the night.
My thoughts of you, yours of mine.
So many wails, a waiting of days.

Hope truly entered my heart.
It's door is bolted with passion.
No key, no code, no password.

I can smell your rosie skin,
I can taste your ruby lips,
I can feel your silky hair.

Love truly entered my heart,
and can never be driven from it.
Breathing so close and yet so far

For the sake of Mary Hope
who came to me in a flash
and stayed aside for ever
© 2009 - Eliseo Mauas Pinto
all rights reserved

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