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The emergence of the Celtic and folk musical expression of the 70s was marked by trained acoustic band, both instrumentally and stylistically. Undoubtedly the best decade of prog-rock influence could not stop with memorable examples of connection between traditional (in return of the classic) and electrical supports. Already British groups like Fairport Convention or Steeleye Span proposals offered very distant to the purists of the Bothy Band or Planxty Irish.
With the passing of the years that young blood clan recovered and composed melodies based on traditional, never ceased to manifest itself with a projection of trans folk media and fusion styles. To cite the most important. Alan Stivell. Gwendal. Moving Hearts. Horslips. Rare Air. Runrig. Touchstone. Nightnoise, Capercaillie, Re-lativity. Bill Wheelan. Shaun Davey. Davy Spillane and Christy Moore.
Currently, a Celtic country like Scotland could not offer an exponent of what is theirs as Wolfstone. It is clear from statements made by his first leading voice Ivan Drever. the basis of their success lies in the attachment of a style "traditional" embedded in one half of the band, and a "rock" led by the other, very distant musical training to the Celtic root "something that seemed difficult to unite, but we were surprised at how well that worked with us. You jigs and reels (dances structures 6/8y 4 / 4) executed the normal rhythm, but with all the power bases that offer behind electric guitar, drums and keyboards and not forgetting the Highland Bagpipe amplified. It is very difficult to remain seated. "Note that part of the success of some prog-rock bands (Yes. ELP, Genesis) lies in the perfect balance between power and the baroque of instrumental arrangement and elevation of the spiritual in calm passages with vocal interventions. Something that is even more evident on his album "Year of the Dog".
"With the crowd is experienced great joy while performing this music. It is a response recurred throughout the concert. And if we get tired of jumping after five themes, the audience replenishes us with renewed vigor." Bassist Wayne MacKenzie adds, "It's really different, you crazy."

Wolfstone is a Scottish musical group founded in 1989 by violinist Duncan Chisholm.

In the late '80s. Duncan, decided to release an album of traditional music for dancing. This brings to Struan Eaglesham on keyboards and his younger brother Stuart on guitar. Many musicians have collaborated with the band since. "Most of the area of Inverness, except our drummer 'Mop' (Graeme Youngson) who is from Aberdeen. Chisholm says.
"We live in a radius of 20 miles, which encourages us to get together to rehearse".

Ivan Drever joins them in 1991 Drever joined Wolfstone where he played guitar, cittern, whistle, mandola and pipes as well as providing lead vocals and songwriting but pursued a flourishing career of solo and duo work. In 1998 Drever and Duncan Chisholm released their own album, Lewis Blue. In the early 90's Drever released a duo album with fellow Wolfstone member, Struan Eaglesham. 'Long December Night' is a recent duo album (also released as DVD) with Duncan Chisholm. Apart from his continuing collaboration with Duncan Chisholm, Drever has often joined up with other musicians, either as a duo with Bruce MacGregor, as Band with the "The Vast Majority" or with former Wolfstone members Mop Youngston and Andy Murray as "The Black Sheep" in 2007. Due Mop Yongston's illness, they could not continue touring. In late 2008, he put together the "Ivan Drever Band".

Mop and Wayne joined in July 1992. It was noted that recommendations will Mop by Runrig manager and have worked pipers luxury and ex-Battlefield Band Tannahill Weavers in their live shows, as well as Phil Cunningham on the tour of "Year of the Dog".

"We threat to become a band like Fairport Convention, with many people coming and going. I think now we have to establish ourselves as a group of musicians who have a common vision about where the band points. A Pictish standing stone 20 miles north of Inverness would give name to this strong bond between eight musicians who were to move to British royalty (social stratum affection, ironically, from Elizabethan times to the Celtic folk). According to Chisholm, Runrig has opened the road. "They have made the Gaelic Rock popular drinking something, so we will be eternally grateful" His two best-selling albums. Unleashed and The Chase, published on 91 and 92 respectively by the Scottish label IONA (one of the first houses of the British folk spend their entire production to CD). have been republished in 1994 by the Green Linnet label in USA. Their first two albums. Wolfstone Wolfstone and 2, edited by Rowan Recs. in Scotland, are as Struan "music albums of traditional dance. It was a band embryonic and discs did not appeal to any particular factor. I would like having never released. We believe in “Unleashed” and with the participation of Ivan as our true first album. "

Drever. who hails from the Orkney Islands. has made several solo works. His voice and songwriting talent give great charm to the band, without leaving your business .

Plotting management (fingerpicking) from his guitar along and instrumental dance pieces, which show the influences of the blues. swing and jazz. In addition to composing songs. Ivan was the only singer of "Unleashed." Unlike "The Chase" in which also participates Struan lead vocals. The legendary producer and multi-instrumentalist Phil Cunningham (ex-Silly Wizard) is the one who gives the band a coherent sound of his many influences. According to Chisholm "is fantastic to work with Phil. Has a great personality and a great knowledge of rock music and traditional. We do not want to have a particular tendency toward selling music albums or bow to any kind of interference that record labels may have. I think once you commit to defend his music really should know.
The consideration of an eighth member in charge of the stable section of bagpipes has been an obstacle for the band. "I think our problem," says Chisholm, "is that we are a large band, and it becomes difficult to spend weeks on tour. So when we choose the turn of thought in choosing among our friends."
With their fifth album released in USA by Green Linnet, the CD reissue of "Wolfstone 1", video production that covers material from "Unleashed" and "The Chase", and a recent Spanish. Tour, Wolfstone invites its followers to go ready to dance barefoot. "We love playing live. Downloaded many energy of the audience, who still considers us as a bunch of worked-Highlanders"

Quoting their official site, “ Wolfstone’s success can undoubtedly be attributed to their ability to transfer their highly acclaimed recorded material to the most fantastic and unforgettable live performances. This ability has seen the band headline major festivals throughout the world.”

“ They are a headline act from heaven. They entertain and put smiles on faces of all ages without fail. Just an exceptional talent” - Pat Garrett, RGM, USA”

“Describing Wolfstone’s music has always caused debate, but is best described by the man who founded it all, Duncan Chisholm “At the end of the day we are a rock band from the Highlands of Scotland that happen to use pipes, whistles and fiddles in our repertoire”

“Wolfstone Modern Celtic Rock Band, Highlands of Scotland - Folk Rock, World Music Live Performances and Albums. This description probably underlies Wolfstone’s success in attracting a large and loyal following from fans of all genres, be it Rock, Celtic Rock, Folk Rock, World Music etc. The unique blend of guitars, fiddle, pipes and pulsating percussion; all combined with a dynamic stage presence; are all well-known hallmarks of this unique and exciting band.”

“Wolfstone have sold hundreds of thousands of albums over the last few years including two gold albums, and their new creation “Terra Firma” is tipped up to be their best yet.”

“Wolfstone is quite simply a band that believes in the strength and spirit of their music, a band that consistently proves that its music can sell to all ages and cultures around the world and most importantly, a band that can perform ‘live’ on stage, exactly what you hear on their Albums.”

Present Members

Duncan Chisholm : Fiddle

Alyn Cosker: drums and Keyboard

Stuart Eaglesham: Guitar

Colin Cunningham : Bass, Guitar and Piccolo Ham String

Stevie Saint: Bagpipes and Whistles

Davie Dunsmuir

Past Members

Andy Murray: Guitar

Ross Hamilton; Roddy McCourt: Bagpipes

Ivan Drever: Lead Singer, Guitarist and Songwriter


Studio Albums

  1. 1991: Unleashed
  2. 1992: The Chase
  3. 1994: Year of the Dog
  4. 1996: The Half Tail
  5. 1998: This Strange Place
  6. 1999: Seven
  7. 2002: Almost an Island
  8. 2007: terra firma

Singles EP

  • 1993: Burning Horizons (3 tracks)


  • 1997: Pick of the Litter

Live Albums

  • 2000: Not Enough Shouting


  • 1994: "Heart Of The Lion" lONA Rec. In benefit to the Highland Hospice, Inverness. With Jethro Tull, Maggie Reilly, Capercaillie and others. Click here for further information


  • "CAPTURED ALIVE" (1992) Devine Celtic Sounds NTSC 78'


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