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THE SQUARE DRUM OF PEÑAPARDA by Daniel García de la Cuesta

THE SQUARE DRUM OF PEÑAPARDA by Daniel García de la Cuesta

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The square drum of Peñaparda is square shaped, made of goat skinmounted on a wooden frame about 35 or 40 centimeters per side. Before closing it, by sewing the sides, it was used to place a bell inside or a bell and a small handful of chickpeas, or beans.It carries strings inside the tambourine, the two sides and below the skin. It also carries handles around, usually two, which are in the middle of the sides in order to introduce the thumb of the left hand.
The t
ambourine is normally played standing up, supporting his left leg in a "chair" by putting on a corner of the thigh tambourine and thus is contained in the lozenge. The left hand touches the back with the palm of the hand or fingers and the thumb is stuck in the handle to hold the tambourine. The right hand, totally free, he plays on the right side with a baton like a drum. The performers are usually women.
The tambourine has three diff
erent sounds that combines the left, the palms, for the right, produced by the club on the skin and rim, respectively. This causes alternating taps on the ring and the patch will confer an musicality similar to the tambourine accompanying bagpipes .

Square Drum (Collection of Joaquin Diaz)

t Cover of "The Square Drum of Peñaparda "Cd Album. More information at: www.todofolk.com / penaparda.php

Performance at the Square Drum of Peñaparda Festival (2003).

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Another place where it survives, is at Aceuchal (Extremadura - Spain):
www.aceuchal.com / cultura.htm

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