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Influential Musicians : Robin Williamson: The work of a contemporary bard (1965-1974) by Eliseo Mauas Pinto

Influential Musicians : Robin Williamson: The work of a contemporary bard (1965-1974) by Eliseo Mauas Pinto
Undoubtedly one of the main references of Celtic Music
The multi-instrumentalist Robin Williamson has an excellent and prolific work in which we pass on all his research on folklore of the Celtic peoples of the British Isles and its original adaptation and recreation at present. Another aspect which will be remembered for is the now legendary Incredible String Band, established in the mid 60's and influenced artists of the caliber of John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Robert Plant who do not deny its acoustic influence ….and fortunately Robin has recently regathered along with Mike Heron, the other leader and co-founder, rendering for us a live recording.In the list of innovative music, the name of Robin Williamson does not remain in oblivion, but generously
remembered as one happy couple and co-founder of the legendary Incredible String Band. For those who lived three decades ago in Argentina should recall the local editions of the Incredible String Band ... since two albums were issued "The Hangman / s Daughter" in 1977 and "Wee Tam" in 1978, lagging behind in eight editions and nine years respectively. Some were encouraging their spread through already extinct Magazines, whether reviewing or translating lyrics… it was fleeting, and never again to publish anything from the group on vinyl. But the real charm of this article is that the ISB released thirteen albums in eight years, not counting two solo albums by members of the band in this period ... When it comes to sales, eight of his record were between 68 and 78, leaving out their rivalry with Cream, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, seconded by gradually emerging groups like King Crimson, Van der Graaf Generator and Genesis. While Williamson has performed with the group thirty-five instruments, yet never tires, and today we are still giving away more of his music. In the beginning, the leadership of the ISB was given by Robin Williamson and Clive Palmer, after nights of study and vagrancy. Already one in 65 young assistant accountant got a musician, Mike Heron, would join the group the following year recorded their first album as an established band, heavily flooded by traditional melodies of Ireland and Scotland. That was the start but the course was changing their musical style as well as its members. In spite of a folk trad. based beginning, then shifted their interest toward a more ethnic spectrum and mergers, in part due to a sudden break in the band. Everyone came to tour the world on their own. Soon, due to immigration problems, Robin returns to Edinburgh in search of Heron, the ISB relaunching as a duo, as Clive departed in Afghanistan, going to Morocco with Arabic flute and violin under his arm. In 1966 (in the Flower Power), the group begins to function as a world fusion band where one aspect of each culture had its existing contribution either poetic or musical instruments. In one of our contact letters in the 80's Robin recalls that "at that time was interested in compositions almost no difference in structure to those of Mike, catchy to the ear. I always had the intention to return to the musical sources, the origin. It is well known that in the beginning, music, dance and poetry were a unit. The song was the spoken poetry, words, music and dance, the ritual ... by the time I started to use tools different cultures to create images with own weather, and related to the message of the song itself. ... Take the meaning of music, which linked with each other to form the song. Besides the lack of structure, compositions were recently tested by supplying a gap between the more contemporary styles within the art may try something never tried before, innovate, not all that well ... sometimes. " Presently RW compositions have a look at what had always draw his attention and that is the Celtic culture, knowledge of music and poetry of the old metrics bards and musicians footpaths. "Finding affinities anywhere, from Ancient Egypt to India and Vedic away even more." He was addressing this to return to their ancestors which led to the breakdown of the final 74 in the ISB. While Heron was oriented toward the rock, recording solo and with his own band with Manfred Mann, the Earth Band, and to say that selling items to Blondie, Robin aims to poetry and folk. At the end of that year he moved to Los Angeles (California), and then write a book for Irish whistle and flute or violin, printed in both years. With the help of Sylvia Woods (harpist member of the Merry Band) containing both scores, comments, and even a flexidisc recorded with friends.
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