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The Celtic Tree Alphabet – Part 4 by Eliseo Mauas Pinto

The Celtic Tree Alphabet – Part 4 by Eliseo Mauas Pinto

(Blackthorne) This tree was used in the construction of cudgels, the mythical shelailighs or wooden sticks and canes to walk. Also witches used a scepter of Blackthorne which inspired fear and respect. For Breton, Blackthorne flowering is regarded as "The Mother of the Forest". Its flowering scent possesses a strong, powerful, while musty and vaguely erotic. The fruits (or sloes slaes) when ripe become tolerable to taste, and produce a very strong distillate known as' Sloe Gin '. Technical Data: thorny shrub of the family of Rosáceasm, common in hedgerows and forests, also called black hawthorn, and Blueberry, with small white flowers, many who appear before the leaves and fruit in drupe, black, rough .
(Elder) The elder has both positive and negative associations in the Celtic tradition। The negative may be partially related to the fact that when the Knowledge is revered as something associated with it is lost, the people soon turns to fear and superstition. This was composed when the orthodox Christian religious practices condemned throughout early practices and folk traditions associated with the labeled "witchcraft" and therefore evil. But even taking into account these things the Elder may have a dual nature, by the smell, the nasty green powder that coats its branches, it is not welcome, but associated with its faerie protection behind a tree near the man. The flowers and bark of the elder have always been famous for its therapeutic properties. The elder tree that grew on the side of many Irish houses were designed as protection for the houses against lightning. Elder was always conceived in the Isle of Man as a fairy tree and should never cut a tree as this brings sorrow to the old fairy ...- Elders in Ballakoig were cut and fairies appeared every night crying and lamenting. It is customary crossing branches of Elder and Rowan in the shape of a cross crosh cuirn and located in arcades and hidden in the horsehair tail of the animal to protect them from harm. The yellow flowers in spring are the most powerful to fight black magic spells, and preserved from the influences of the evil eye. Primroses, the most common of all were the usually collected on May 1 and placed around the doors. In the Northeast of England game of the Elder-Tree-men and women who were involved jumping around screaming Elder "a bunch of arap 'offerings. The name-it-carries the word-elf-therefore-tree-Elvish. Lincolnshire is considered risky to cut an elder without seeking "the road of the old lady." Curiously Danes does not cut the Hyldemoer elder for fear of the Mother Mayor, who lives in his trunk. Ireland sticks of witches broom, his "magical horses" were made from branches of elder. Technical Data: Shrub Caprifoliáceas of the family of Europe and Western Asia, stems and branches are rich in bone marrow, leaves imparapinnadas, toothed, white flowers, small, fragrant, tops in umbeliformes, drupe fruit in small, black / purple / purple. It is also known as canillero.

(Mistletoe) The practice of kissing under the mistletoe is only a distant echo of their associations with fertility, its translucent white berries are considered to be the semen of the Lord of the Forest. Of particular importance is its collection done by the Druids along a great ritual of fertility under the shade of the oak, which grows in this parasitic plant. It is said that by this background pagan church does not allow this green bouquet of winter in the churches for Christmas celebrations. The ceremony, according to historian Pliny, was the sixth place waning moon night and included the killing of two white bulls to the powers of nature. A druid dressed in white, and having done fasting (symbolizing purity of spirit) climb the tree and cuts short a branch of mistletoe in his left hand (the moon) it with a golden sickle. The plant falls on a white linen. Then they were driven to the scene and the two bulls were slaughtered with a knife ritual stone so that your blood entering into the ground under the tree. The colors of this plant sacred and healing properties, green, white, gold is the representative druidic symbol of the Sun, by extention the trinity of it as deity. Also the curative properties of mistletoe, so cherished by the Druids and ridiculed by others, were later corroborated by expert herbalists. Technical Data: Shrub tussock perennial family Lorantáceas living semiparásito in many branches of woody plants, leaves coriaceous apex paired with the berries in redondeado fruit, the size of peas, white / mesocarp with viscous, is seen as a flower aurgural birthday.

(Yew) The yew wood was used to beam the Ogham for his long service life. It also has partnerships with the death and other life from a positive point of view. Some former Celtic Warriors ate their leaves before falling into enemy hands, they not only caused death, but also the rigidity of some facial muscles, claiming thus victory through their only inert bodies with sardonic smile, in conclusion: these Celts would laugh at their enemies even after death. In Britain it is said that the roots of this tree when it grows in cemeteries reaches the mouth of the deceased. Technical Data: Tree of the family of the forests Taxáceas mountain, also called tree of death, cultivated as ornamental and for its wood, leaves persistent, linear / pointy, coriaceous, black / green, a rich in alkaloid (taxina ) Small flowers, diocias, false appearance of berry fruit with a seed formed by black aril surrounded by a fleshy, sweet, red at maturity, desired by birds. Aril is the only part of the plant that is not toxic.

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