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The Celtic Tree Alphabet – Part 3 by Eliseo Mauas Pinto

The Celtic Tree Alphabet – Part 3 by Eliseo Mauas Pinto

(Holly) In some forests, holly and flanked protecting the young Oaks, thus promoting their growth. Etymologically, there is a stronger link since the Irish by Holly 'Tinne' seems to be linked to the Cornish 'Tann-glas' (Sacred Tree Green), which is referred to in Cornish evergreen holm-oak. The word 'Tann' has been adopted by the British to denote that the bark is removed. Technical Data: evergreen shrub of the family of Aquifoliáceas, spontaneous in the forests of temperate regions and grown as an ornamental and for his fierce and white wood used in woodwork. It has leaves coriaceous, bright, lobadoespinosas at the edges, small flowers, white, red fruits that ripen in winter has endowed emética and purgative action. The branches with fruit are a classic
Christmas garments.
. There are cultivated varieties of leaves.

(Apple) The apple has had religious significance since ancient times, as evidenced by the fact that his name is similar in most of the Indo-European languages। A winter ritual linked to the fertility of the Wassailing Apple, in the tradition of Cornwall. Technical Data: Tree fruit of the Rosaceae family, originally from Europe and Asia, widely cultivated, reddish wood trunk of clear, tough, tenacious, used to work around. Oval leaves, acute, aflechadas, fleets with five petals, white on the inside, red on the outside, gathered in curds, appearing with the leaves, fake fruit (jar) - the apple, globose, depressed or a little stretched, umbilicado at both ends of shape, size, color and taste different depending on the variety. The subspecies wild, thorny, grows spontaneously in the forests of montane areas. The fruits ripen in summer, autumn and winter and serve as well as for direct consumption, for jams, jellies and syrups. The fermented juice is a modest gradient of alcoholic drink (cider) or vinegar.

(Hazel) Has always been associated with wisdom, Secret Knowledge, Inspiration and Divination. So in the old Scottish song "The song of the wandering Angus" We can appreciate: "I was inside the forest of hazelnuts, because he had fire in my head." Hazel sticks were used in the search for metals, and layers of water .. LARGE QUEEN used by the Druids (as well as those used later by the Catholic bishops) were of almond wood. The hazel are associated with the rites of Samhain In the Highlands as the manner in which the berries are burned and jump chisporroteando can infer answers to adivinatorias formulas. Technical Data: Modesto of the family tree of Betuláceas. Spontaneous in the mountainous forests of Europe and Asia, oval leaves with serrated edge, unisexual flowers, estaminíferas in AINABLE cylindrical preciosísimos and pisitliferas groups gemmiformes of emerging styles in purple frunto achene woody hazelnut surrounded by a green dome cut, oily seeds, food.

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