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CELTIC TREE LORE - An Approach To The Druidic Vision by Eliseo Mauas Pinto

- An Approach To The Druidry
and it's Vision -
By Eliseo Mauas Pinto

Trees have always been sacred and precious items for the Celts, fully integrated within
their own conception of world. Druids had already studied their energy fields, timber and medicinal virtues. Today it is benefical to learn more about the symbolism of the trees and their relationship with our spirituality.There are amongst thirty-six and forty-eight native important trees in the Celtic tradition. As an approach to celtic tree lore, I will divide the whole article in 4 chapters:

१-The Ogham Encryption
(enclosing ancient texts
of possible druidic

२-The Celtic Tree Alphabet
(the development of some components)

३-Tree Mythology / The sacred and the faerie ones

४-The poem 'The Battle of the Trees' by Taliesin
The God of the Ash &

The God of the Alder
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