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"MARCO POLO" Magazine Nov'98

Even though the large number of descendants from celtic people in our country, few are the releases done by local artists. This magnificent album is one of the most important launchings of the celtic musical history in Argentina. The band lined-up by Eliseo Mauas Pinto, Sergio Gonzalez, Mauricio Ceballos, Xandru Reguera, and Iñaki Antolin, have produced an unique album, magical and sustantial, with many original compositions and arrangements, conveying a more distinctive proposal to Bran's own. A forthcoming classic album of Celtic music in Argentina.FURTHER INFORMATION :COLLEGE @ ASATEJ.COM.आर

"CELTIC NEWS" Magazine Nov'98

Through their arrangements, the band tries to unveil and reflect both the marvel and tragedy of a still-vivid Celtic history. This is music born of Argentinian soil that tries to capture some of the symbollism of clan marches, airs, dances, and songs of the scattered Celtic peoples. The band´s sound combines the harmonic dimension of the Gaelic harp, the rythmic pulse of assorted percussions, the weaving counterpoint of fretted instruments, the lilting melodies of fiddle and flutes, plus the undeniable Celtic feel of the songs.Flowing with the living currents of our migratory ancient forbears, we take part in a musical and symbolic voyage. The music of 'Bran' is like a 'round trip' carrying us to 'another dimension' of our lives and back again. FURTHER INFORMATION : CELTICBA @ INTELSAT.COM.

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