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"Celtic Spirit Guides"

 available now for $1.99 USD

Since I was a little bit boy I am used to stare for a long time at certain animals, whenever I have the chance to meet them. I perceive they are grateful for the least they have, loyal among each other, and yearning for the freedom they used to have long ago.

As seasons passed by I got aware that humans and animals was an integral part of the creation, though for some egocentric and dominant reason, thehumans took power over them and what they called the "wild nature". Mother Nature, instead of being considered as our purveyor and our home, came to be a place with no respect nor consideration. In fact, American Indians consider that humans lost their power to connect with animals when they placed themselves above them, having dominionover all things as masters of the Earth.

I believethat all things in Mother Earth are connected and we are all part of the Circle of Life, and that Spirit Guides are present in many forms. Animals are not the right exception. They are soul beings with a singular intelligence and skill.

The Celtic priesthood used to gather on these sacred groves, and it wasdivided into three classes; the druids, the bards and the vates. The vates were prophets and sooth-sayers, seers for the known by the Irish as fáith "prophet, seer". Like countless other cultures, ancient Celts were also inclined to gain insights into a situation at hand, wonder about future events, auspicious times, theproper candidate for a marriage, or even the correct moment to start anew and successful project. These practices were done by those talented to interpret the messages sent by the gods through bird signs, animal entrails, and other various methods.

I have been attracted by divination techniques from the very first time I saw my grandmother performing her divinatory rituals when I was a little child. The idea of creating oracle decks was in my mind over the years. I once took notice there was a divination system similar to mine, whichwas employed by Russian gypsies on the 19th C. This fact motivated mefurthermore to conceive and design the "Celtic Spirit GuidesOracle™" deck available now at The Game Crafter site (thegamecrafter.com/games/-celtic-spirit-guides-uncovering-your-allies)

With dedicated time and practice, you will be able to make a decisive and inclusive conclusion which resumes the overall oracle aspects of the "Celtic Spirit Guides Oracle™" deck. Always be true to yourself and follow your instincts. Trust on your personal abilities. Enhance your intuition and be willing to receive their message.

Remember that this baggage of ancient knowledge will assist you not only in your reflections and meditations, but also will help you to explore your inner soul and find out thebalance in harmony and connection with Mother Earth.

I do firmly believe that Divination is our personal journey to the Otherworld. It is our intimate contact with Nature Sprites and Deities who will surely guide us through the correct options, and warn us from negative eventsin our lives. With the help of course of our ancestors, who are certainly aware of how the past affects our future in this life.

Follow now your journey of awakening infused by the ogham kennings and wisdomof the trees... Learn about the divination meanings, create a sacredplace of your own, and you will then comprehend the magical reason whythe cards are displayed on this way... listen to their luminous messageflowing with harmony directly from the source...

While reclaiming our ancient wisdom we shall recover our past knowledge... Divining is a healing art!.

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"The Celtic Otherworld"

 available now for $2.99 USD

This is my most ambitious and dedicated work I have ever edited, and a way to share with you some of the general ideas of the Celtic Otherworld that attracted me most since the very first day I began to explore and learn about my Celtic roots.

With a cute an unique design, I included some illustrations based on the medieval Irish manuscript known as the Book Of Kells, and a couple of edited and colored engravings by the celebrated artist Walter Crane.

Many cultures over the world are used to believe that the soul or the spirit never dies. The Celts are not the exception, since they were fierce in battle and did not fear death. It was just the first step for a "journey of transmigrations".

And this happened to be in a different world. It is a single place with no shadows but the eternal light. A dimension of constant hope, plenty of adventures and trials to undergo until the triumphal return to the corporeal world. A new dimensional site where the "Underworld" and the "Otherworld" motif mingles as one, and the soul lives out another lifetime.

On this work, you will learn how intense it is the sense of natural symbolism in Celtic culture. You will get acquainted with some of the myths and motifs that have a spiritual and a symbolic form, or the attribution of symbolic meaning, or a character to something.

In the hope you will find a pleasing and revealing time reading this book, I wish you an enlightened journey to you all!

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"Tree Spirit Healing"

 available now for $1.99 USD

Have yo ever stopped for a while and caught attention of our relationship with our environment.? Have you ever perceived the beauty of trees while walking through a park, or even felt excited by the scented beauty of a butterfly upon a flower?.

If you did so, you will certainly be aware of how nature may take influence on our health, energies, and human emotions. We realize of our deep connection with Earth, and as we balance our relationship with our ecosystem, we take notice we should become protectors of Nature and all her creatures.

I wrote this book from a Celtic point of view, honoring the respect that ancient Celts kept for Nature.

Trees were believed to be the abode of the sprites or divinities that in many cases had power over vegetation. They honored the trees and groves with a conscious homage to the spirits that inhabit them, and their hidden meanings as featured in the Ogham alphabet. They kept their sacred places in dark groves where the spirits of nature dwelt, and Celtic priesthood used to gather on these sacred groves.

Certainly the nowadays custom of touching wood, to ward off evil or to wish good luck, is a living remnant of the ritual practices of our ancients, a time when they were used to pay respect to the tree and the healing powers of the spirits and deities that inhabited trees and groves.

With the present work you will surely find worthy to learn more about the symbolism of the trees and their relationship with your own inner spirituality. It is almost a personal guide to become a Tree Hugger...

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"Wisdom Of The Woods
A Unique and Rare Celtic Tree Oracle"
 available now for $1.99 USD

Ancient Celts kept their sacred places in dark groves where the spirits of nature dwelt, and trees were believed to be the abode of the spirits or divinities that in many cases had power over vegetation.They honored the trees and groves with a conscious homage to the spirits that inhabit them, and their hidden meanings as featured in the Ogham alphabet. 

Nowadays, we are not so different from our ancients. Though we have further material control of our lives, we can also experience insecurity in our lives, and some of us appeal to divination in order to find a tip, a hint, an omen, or a hopeful answer. 

This book delves not only on Celtic Divinaton subjects and motifs, but also includes the "Wisdom of the Woods"™ Handbook for the Oracle Deck and Board created by the author. Oracle and Tarot decks are a development from the “cleromancy”, which is a way of divination that employs sortition, casting of lots, or casting bones or stones, in which an outcome is determined by means that normally would be considered random, such as the casting of sticks, runes, or cards, but are sometimes believed to reveal the will of a deity, or other supernatural entities. 

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"Celtic Tree Wisdom Magick"

  available now for $2.99 USD

Celts had a strong worship of nature sprites, and trees were primarily believed to be the residence of these regent spirits or divinities. Being in fact, a Celtic religion belief accepted nowadays as relatively certain, such as the studies made by Druids about their energy fields, timbers, and medical virtues.

With the present work you will surely find worthy to learn more about the symbolism of the trees and their relationship with your own inner spirituality.

I wrote this book as a compound of some of the large knowledge written upon this subject, trying to unveil not only those concepts once spread by Robert Graves, but also going a little bit further on, discovering the Magickal Properties of the Sacred Trees and their Diviantory Meaning, their Energy and Healing Powers so highly valued by Tree Huggers like me.

You shall certainly discover with this book not only your regent tree, it's magickal properites, and herbal uses and qualities, but also be aware that the bigger and older the tree is, the stronger and soothing is the potential for your healing process. I should confess that  this reconnections  with Nature Sprites I have been experiencing through all these years led me also to  develop a "Celtic Tree Oracle" card deck which I hope to launch and share with you soon."REMEMBER:  Hug A Tree"!

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"The Celtic Moon Goddess"

  available now for $2.99 USD
Most of you might probably be aware of the significance of the "Mother Goddess",a term used to refer to a deity who represents "motherhood, fertility,and creation". “The Celtic Moon Goddess” is not only a brief compendium regarding the passionate and ancient believes of the Celtic People, but certainly a good source of information to be read for lovers of all things related to the Goddess.


"The Celtic Harp"

  available now for $2.99 USD

A very interesting quick guide not only approaching to questions regarding the origins of its name, its history and revival, but also to the surviving types, suggested Celtic Harpists, and a list of related external links. 

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"The Butterfly Book of Celtic Poems" 

 available now for $ 2.99 USD

Butteflies have always been associated to the Goddess, Mother Nature,and particularly conceived as Messengers of the Otherworld. While reading the poems collected on this book we experience the same symbolism, enhancing our reading with an enjoyable Celtic voyage. We transport ourselves to the very same places described in them and it is then that we perceive vivid visual and auditory images.

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"Celtic Heart" 

available now for $ 1.99 USD 

Celtic Heart is not only a brief compendium
regarding the passionate and ancient Culture of the Celtic People, but certainly a good source of information to be read for all those lovers of all things Celtic.


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"Leyendas Celtas de Galicia y Asturias"

(Spanish Edition)

available now for $2.99 USD

On the present work readers will get acquainted about the motives and folk types common to both Galicia and Asturias. More than a  theoretical work it is an invitation to discover a common tradition, an identity still alive that should not be alien to those who are worshipers of the Celtic and who still wish to discover more about it.


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My Short Story Ebook: "Book of Clay"

I am glad to share with you my new Ebook which is now available

"The Clay Book" is my first short story influenced by this genre I like to call "neo-terrifying fantasy", focusing in the Myths of Chulhu devised by H.P.Lovecraft. Enrolled in this literary movement I wrote many more that I will surely share with you in a future issue.

I leave you now with the characters and the company of an omniscient storyteller who unwittingly begins to acknowledge that his world has stopped from being as normal as it used to be.

As it is often cited by this genre, helplessly and hopelessly the character is completely unable to run away, driven by an obscure force to his unpredictable end. I left to the discretion of the reader which side the characters belong to, but as usual, there is no way to get rid nor stop this malignant forces and all victories are temporary, with a high price to pay for it.

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El Despertar de Cthulhu Vol.1 "Una Casa Sin Puerta"
(Spanish Edition)

available now for $1.99 USD

     "Una Casa Sin Puerta" es una novela de suspenso que forma parte del primer volumen de la saga "El Despertar de Cthulhu". La misma está influenciada en gran parte por la corriente literaria del terror cósmico, un genero creado por el escritor estadounidense Howard Philips Lovecraft quien la califcaría como una pseudomitologia, una cosmogonía plagada de horrores ancestrales y arquetipos colectivos.

Los mitos se amalgaman ahora con terrores más reales. Aquí ya no hay más fantasmas sino divinidades primigenias de dimensiones ajenas a nuestro cosmos y que luchan por aferrarse a este mundo.

Los relatos son una compilación de crónicas escritas en primera persona por un estudiante de arqueología que encuentra en su círculo de amigos, un refugio donde compartir una misma pasión: los libros prohibidos y una creencia en común sobre dioses arcaicos y antiguos ritos secretos, celebrados desde tiempos remotos, antes de la aparición del primer hombre, cuando la Tierra estaba habitada sólo por inconcebibles seres interestelares.

Los personajes interactúan en compañía de un "Yo" omnisciente que sin desearlo comienza a figurarse que su mundo ha dejado de ser lo normal que era antes. Tan a menudo citado por este género, el impotente y desesperado personaje es completamente incapaz de huir, impulsado por una fuerza oscura a su final imprevisible.

A lo largo de esta saga el lector deberá averiguar de qué lado están implicados los personajes, pero como siempre, no hay manera de librarse ni detener las fuerzas malignas y todas las victorias son temporales, con un alto precio a pagar por ello...

El Despertar de Cthulhu Vol.2

"Una Casa Sin Puerta"
(Spanish Edition)

available now for $1.99 USD

 "El Bosque de las Sombras" es una novela de suspenso que forma parte del segundo volumen de la saga "El Despertar de Cthulhu" y continúa con la trama revelada en "Una Casa Sin Puerta". En esta segunda entrega, la monotonía del encierro en que vive el personaje principal, es interrumpida por un súbito llamado telefónico. A pesar de que su círculo de amigos se había roto con la desaparición de cada uno de ellos, era el momento para abrirse al espacio exterior. Una salida presurosa, que marcaría el inicio de un sinfín de desafíos que cambiarían en breve el rumbo de su vida.

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