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Celtic Radio is holding it's yearly fund raising event and this year they have some wonderful "Thank You" gifts including the Celtic Mandala Calandar and Engagement book. I am glad to share with you these awesome news from their Official Press

Each year we have been met with an outpouring of support and kindness; and for that we are very thankful and appreciative for the level of commitment that so many have you shown. With so much changing across the Internet Radio landscape it is important that our work continues. Thousands of channels have closed with the shutdown of Live365.com, but we were able to continue because of your direct support.
Our unique channels of Highlander Radio, Celtic Moon, Celt-Rock-Radio and Celtic Dance Tavern are like a breath of fresh air. Our programming is unique and the result of individually listening to tens of thousands of songs over the years and with the help of our listeners in rating, ranking and commnenting on their favorite musicians to create our one of kind brand of Celtic music. For 2016 we have plans for a specially produced 2 minute show to compliment our Highlander Radio broadcast. The show is in the works, but will feature short sound bites with sound effects on the history of Ireland, Scotland and the U.K. It will be hosted by a retired radio personalty from the BBC and we hope to produce 25 episodes a year. And have you seen the new Celtic Radio Music Award? Be sure to check or Jennifer Licko profiling our new 10 inch crystal glass award!

Our new partnership with Radionomy.com is providing a stable platform for our channels to be heard across hundreds of internet radio directories across the world and with better listening quality and stability then Live365 could ever offer. The future is definitely looking bright for Celtic Radio and we hope that you will allow us to continue our music journey and support our endeavours for another year. Consider a small, medium or large donation through our special fund raising page. Every amount is appreciated. Make atleast a $20 donation and receive a free year of Celtic Radio Premium!
Make your Donation Now and then watch our special fund raising video below!
Preview of some of the donation packages we are offering this year.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with Celtic Music through our broadcast channels as well as a wealth of interesting articles, music news and information on our website for 2016. Thank you for your support!

Slàinte (Good Health!),

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