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"The Celtic Otherworld" by Eliseo Mauas Pinto

I am pleased to share with you my new eBook release "The Celtic Otherworld", available now at my Amazon Kindle Store.

This is my most ambitious and dedicated work I have ever edited, and a way to share with you some of the general ideas of the Celtic Otherworld that attracted me most since the very first day I began to explore and learn about my Celtic roots.

With a cute an unique design, I included some illustrations based on the medieval Irish manuscript known as the Book Of Kells, and a couple of edited and colored engravings by the celebrated artist Walter Crane.

Many cultures over the world are used to believe that the soul or the spirit never dies. The Celts are not the exception, since they were fierce in battle and did not fear death. It was just the first step for a "journey of transmigrations".

And this happened to be in a different world. It is a single place with no shadows but the eternal light. A dimension of constant hope, plenty of adventures and trials to undergo until the triumphal return to the corporeal world. A new dimensional site where the "Underworld" and the "Otherworld" motif mingles as one, and the soul lives out another lifetime.

It is pointed out that folk tales are the disguised representation in conscious thought of unconscious, or repressed contents and events. And this symbolic aspect of legends is even reckoned by some scholars of psychology and mythology to be the principal characteristic of sacred expressions.

While learning and knowing about spiritual and religious facts, we contribute to maintain and strengthen our relationship with the realm of the sacred or spiritual dimension. These beliefs are reflected not only in the myths and art, but also in the Ogham alphabet. All their hidden meanings appear on each of the letter kennings.

On this work, you will learn how intense it is the sense of natural symbolism in Celtic culture. You will get acquainted with some of the myths and motifs that have a spiritual and a symbolic form, or the attribution of symbolic meaning, or a character to something. 

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my inspiring dryad Cansu Ateş for her wonderful photography, and for being my inspirational muse while creating the cover art for both paperback and digital editions of “ The Celtic Otherworld”.

In the hope you will find a pleasing and revealing time reading this book, I wish you an enlightened journey to you all!

The cover art belongs to "Mórrígan", my original artwork featuring my everlasting sister in light and icon Dryad: Cansu Ates - You may find an HD resolution version and full description at my deviantArt gallery.

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