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The “Wisdom of The Woods”™ Oracle Deck: A Sample Card Reading - Part One - The Material Grove

This layout is an example of a reading I have recently done. The querent had a steady doubt about her chances to end a project she had in spite of the lack of money and her family support.

As you have learned on previous posts, each cardinal point is in correspondence with a Grove and its elements and properties.

The Yew Tree, and the Ash Tree cards are laid on the  The Material Grove on the NORTH (Earth) . The realm “related to things, objects, work, and money”.

The Crone Goddess rules here over: the body, growth, nature, birth, death, silence, caves, groves, burial mounds, standing stones. When you need help to endure sudden endings and your passage in this life, how the circle of life moves on and how Nature is linked to it. Find a moment for reflection and introspection. Instead of being alone, praise to the Crone Goddess and celebrate your later years aware that wisdom also comes with age.

Remember as you’ve learned on Chapter 14, that in the Material Grove you will find a moment for reflection and introspection. Instead of being alone, praise to her and celebrate your later years aware that wisdom also comes with age

The Oracle reveals here quite positive possibilities for you to solve any problem or question regarding material and wealth aspects. On these cards we find represented symbols of prosperity, change, growth, protection, and health.

From their kennings we learn that you will have to accept the consequences of past actions and comprehend the lessons of experience in order to outline new beginnings. You are part of a whole. When a door is closed a new one is opened. Reflect always on the positive side of events, new paths, and new beginnings.

This realm is assisted by the Stag totem, with his leadership you will have the power and strength to trespass new thresholds. Move forward seeking your goals with success. It is a time to get rid of luxury and those material things we wont be able to carry to the Otherworld and keep closer to our kids and family, and stay connected with people.

Winter is your favorable season and you may find a propitious time at midnight.
If your are devote to the Moon energies and rituals, the new moon shall be the auspicious one.  

On the next post I will blog in detail
"Part Two - The Spiritual Grove"
Stay Tuned!


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