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The “Wisdom of The Woods”™ Celtic Tree Oracle : Available Now For FREE for Android and IOS devices!

“Wisdom of The Woods”™ 
Celtic Tree Oracle


    I was always attracted by divination techniques from the very first time I saw my grandmother performing her divinatory rituals when I was a little child. 

    The present Celtic Tree Oracle was in my mind since a very long time, and it was conceived not only as a rough study on Celtic Divination techniques, Druidry, and Shamanic practices, but also as a large amount of artworks related to the Celtic Tree Oracle decks and a Wheel Board which are in fact, the result of my whole study and main purpose of the subject. Feel free to install and use this application for your daily oracle reading! Begin your inner journey learning about the ogham hidden kennings... 

    An eBook concerning my studies on Celtic Divination, is available now at Amazon.com. It includes a special layout which some cute features and a personal design. 

    This work also includes the "Wisdom of the Woods"™ Handbook for the Celtic Tree Oracle Deck and Wheel Board, available at TheGameCrafter.com 

    Just finished my Free Mobile App promotional video!...Maybe you would love to share it... take a look!
    Wish you an elightened journey! ...Bright blessings to you all ☼

    Android Mobile and all Kindle Series 



    Follow your journey infused by the ogham kennings
    Learn about Celtic divination meanings
    Listen to their luminous message flowing with harmony

    Focus on your query and let the Oracle guide you on the path to your Daily Three Card Reading.

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