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"Tree Spirit Healing" by Eliseo Mauas Pinto

With the Winter Solstice celebrations round the corner, I am proud to anounce that my last work from the "Celtic Tree Lore" series is out now at Amazon

With the practice of "Tree Spirit Healing" I was able to find my personal connection with Mother Earth...It reminds me that we are part of the whole moved by the aim of finding our natural balance. 

You can practice it daily, opening your senses and your hearts.Tree Spirit Healing helps us on our different levels of being, leading us through a deep relaxing experience.

Plant and Tree Spirit Healing has been a common practice of Shamans and Healers across the ages. Their somehow holistic methods worked with the spirit allies of Nature to find out the actual cause of any posible disease. They were used to each and every healing property of trees and herbs, which they kept in secret, and passed from one generation to the other.

I always had a close relationship with trees. I love to perceive which one allures me most, it is an odd feeling, as if the tree spirit invited me to touch its bark, smell, and feel its texture. Breathing at a wild wood opens new portals, and senses.

Touching the leaves, gathering twigs and cones and placing them on your energy centres or chakras, are practices very common to tree spirit healing. Selected essences according to the medicinal properties of barks, flowers, and leaves are also taken orally, or drank as infusions. Sometimes scented oils are placed on the wrists or inhaled too.

Sitting down against a tree, or hugging it all around, helps us to root our soul with Mother Earth. Connecting to the ground with bear feet, you will certainly feel your negative energies descending and flowing downwards, as the vital life and energies from the bark flow upwards from the ground upto the sky.

This practice known as "Earthing" or "Grounding", helps us to learn about how to reconnect with Mother Earth, aids us to discover how to release our stress and negative emotions, and to get more aware of the close relationship we should keep with the planet we live on. It replenishes and recharges our capability to stabilize our bioenergies with the reception of free electrons present on the Earth.

It is not casual that meditation practices are used to teach us to ground our bodies to the ground while we elevate our spirits. It is a cute comparison to the Tree of Life, we are the bridge between the Material and the Spiritual world, seeking the balance with our Inner Being who has been brought to ourselves to revere Nature, to nurture and heal from her, and give her protection and care in return.

Have yo ever stopped for a while and caught attention of our relationship with our environment.? Have you ever perceived the beauty of trees while walking through a park, or even felt excited by the scented beauty of a butterfly upon a flower?. 

If you did so, you will certainly be aware of how nature may take influence on our health, energies, and human emotions. We realize of our deep connection with Earth, and as we balance our relationship with our ecosystem, we take notice we should become protectors of Nature and all her creatures. 

I wrote this book from a Celtic point of view, honoring the respect that ancient Celts kept for Nature. 

Trees were believed to be the abode of the sprites or divinities that in many cases had power over vegetation. They honored the trees and groves with a conscious homage to the spirits that inhabit them, and their hidden meanings as featured in the Ogham alphabet. They kept their sacred places in dark groves where the spirits of nature dwelt, and Celtic priesthood used to gather on these sacred groves. 

Certainly the nowadays custom of touching wood, to ward off evil or to wish good luck, is a living remnant of the ritual practices of our ancients, a time when they were used to pay respect to the tree and the healing powers of the spirits and deities that inhabited trees and groves. 

With the present work you will surely find worthy to learn more about the symbolism of the trees and their relationship with your own inner spirituality.

 It is almost a personal guide to become a Tree Hugger... !

The cover art belongs to "The Tree Hugger", my original artwork featuring my everlasting sister in light and icon Dryad: Cansu Ates - You may find an HD resolution version and full description at my deviantArt gallery.

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