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The “Wisdom of The Woods”™ Oracle Deck: “How to Spread your Celtic Tree Oracle Cards”

"Create a Sacred Place of your Own”

Expansion Deck Card (c) 2014 Eliseo Mauas Pinto
To enter into your correct emotional state I suggest you to spread your Oracle Cards at a place you feel confortable and in harmony to do so.

If you don’t keep one of your own just find a space where you can feel free to meditate and balance your worries with curative vibrations. It should be a site comfortable for you in order to act as a witness when you petition for yourself, or as a master of ceremonies when you act on behalf of your querent.

Let your intuition guide you through this discovery path which can lead you outdoors or indoors.
For instance, you can spread the cards over a table or over the floor if you are indoors; over a piece of cloth or stones if you are outdoors in your garden or even at a grove. You can add as an offering to Nature Sprites and Deities, some feathers, crystals, acorns, or any other objects keen to you or found by the road.

It is recomendable to purify the energies of the place. I prefer to lit some incense, and play my harp, my whistle, or even some bronze jingling bells. You may add scented flowers or crystals if you wish so. This short ritual will let our spirit reconnect with the energies of Nature and the Earth. We need to be interconnected with the Greater Whole of which we are part of.

I wrote some Celtic Tree Oracle Petitions as a kind of intentions dedicated to each of the sacred trees that comprise the ogham tree alphabet.As in ancient druid practices, these recitations were addressed to a special deity and took place at a sacred place suitable to let the wishes be granted. A single praise to your Regent Tree will let you mingle with the Tree Spirit itself.

Spreading your cards beneath your Regent Tree is the most rewarding experience!... you will probably find these verses useful for your reconnection or even as an inspiring source for praising along with some of your own.

"The Blessing Ritual"

I am often used to practice candle magick according to my requests, and sing a short invocation of my own in order to harmonize myself and be blessed with words of divination. The power and energy of words, their feelings and emotions are a cute path for working magick, and turning our inner cauldrons according to our needs.

I call upon you
natures sprites and ancient spirits.
Accept this offering of my inner grove.
You who can talk to me and can talk through me
with enchanted tongue and chants of magick.
Cast on me your wise light of past and future,
the unspoken knowledge of words not whispered,
that lead the present journey of a seer’s vision.

Ogham signs of old speak now to me
Lead my pathway through doorways of knowledge
far away from darkness and ignorance,
Keeping up the sacred flame that only seeks the truth.

Write down your petition or the querent’s petition on a piece of white paper, pass it over the four cardinal points, place it on an ash tray or plate, and lit it up. Watch out the fire till it crambles into ashes. As it consumes meditate about the way your requests are now transmuting as an offering for divination.

On the next post I will blog in detail  
“How to place your Celtic Tree Oracle Cards”.
 Stay tuned!

 Stay tuned!

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