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"The Sacred Grove" Premade Background

This is the original premade background I designed from assorted private stock pictures for the front cover of my eBook Wisdom Of The Woods: "A Unique and Rare Celtic Tree Oracle" (Celtic Tree Lore Book 2) (Kindle Edition), which is includes not only my studies regarding Celtic Divination, but also the complete Handbook for the  “Wisdom of The Woods”™ Celtic Tree Oracle Deck .

Sacred trees tradition has been recorded in several manuscripts that recount us about their valuable aspects on Celtic spirituality, though it is said that only eligible persons could reach close to them, since they were always under protection or hidden. 

 The Celts kept their sacred places in dark groves where the spirits of nature dwelt, and trees were believed to be the abode of the spirits or divinities that in many cases had power over vegetation. In fact a Celtic religion belief accepted nowadays as relatively certain, such as the studies made by Druids about their energy fields, timbers, and medicial virtues. 

I decided to feature it as a Free Wallpaper as a reward to all of us who keep alive their inner sacred groves.

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https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/wisdom-of-the-woods-a-unique-and-rare-celtic-tree-oracleThe featured artwork belongs to the WISDOM OF THE WOODS™ - Celtic Tree Oracle - , a singular set of Decks and Wheel Board, I designed for this divination system developed as a compendium of kennings and symbolisms taken from the Ogham Tree alphabet, Druidry, and Celtic lore. 

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For further information about Celtic Divination, I wrote a whole eBook was regarding this subject as part of the whole Oracle Deck project.Please check out the special Kindle Edition at Amazon.com.

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